SDCC 2014: Marvel SPIDER-VERSE Panel w/ Slott, Waid, Lowe

Spider-Verse #1 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Spider-Verse #1 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Credit: Marvel Comics

Comic-Con International: San Diego Friday kicked off with Marvel Comics and the Spider-Verse panel. Taking a look at the Spider-Man family of titles and the upcoming major multiversal crossover event, Spider-editor Nick Lowe attended along with Dan Slott and Mark Waid to detail the year in Spidey. Nick Spencer took the stage after the two previously-announced guests, as did colorist Edgar Delgado. Humberto Ramos also joined the panel a bit late, also as an unannounced guest.

"We're going to talk not only about Spider-Verse, but a bunch of other Spider-office things," Lowe promised.

Mark Waid said that Humberto Ramos is always late, and fans should not cheer for him to teach him a lesson. Fans complied, and Ramos said, "That was really awkward. I felt like I was at a DC panel" to lots of laughs.

Superior Spider-Man #32 is the first book to really tease Spider-Verse, with a "cool backup story by Christos Gage and Adam Kubert," out on August 6th. The backup will be a direct Spider-Verse tie-in. "This is really where Spider-Verse begins," Lowe said. "In Superior #19, there was a timeplosion," Slott Said, "and this tells the story of where he went for those couple of pages."

The two-issue stories continue in September with a pile of dead Spider-Men on the cover. Slott also outright said that Superior will take place in the 2099 era.

They showed the Skottie Young Spider-Verse variants. "That's the cutest thing ever," Slott said, "but when Spider-Verse starts, they all DIE!"

Spider-Man 2099 was next to be featured, which has Spidey 2099 stuck in the present Marvel Universe. Rick Leonardi (co-creator) joins Peter David for issues 4 and 5 in October.

Mark Waid talked about Daredevil and its tie-ins to Original Sin, where Matt finds out that his mother has been extradited to Wakanda for crimes against the people of that nation. Next issue has "Matt fighting a bunch of awesome Wakanda warriors."

"My goal on Daredevil is to make him do something in every issue that would make Green Lantern pass out in fear," Waid said, as they showed pages from #7 featuring him skydiving.

Daredevil 8 & 9 is a "terrifying" arc called "Who are the Purple Children?" "When you're dealing with the Purple Children who like to dig stuff up and churn things inside you, Matt does not come out of this as bouncy and happy as he usually pretends to be," Waid teased. The Children are connected to the Purple Man, who has "deliberately set up a dynasty for himself."

Slott teased the current Amazing Spider-Man story, with Silk, the second person bit by the radioactive spider before it died, and how she ties into Spider-Verse, as Morlun can detect her and is drawn to her in a unique way.

Ramos said that drawing Superior, he had to draw him "Creepier, and dark, and angrier." When Peter came back, "I'm trying to come back to the way he was before everything - from the cover to #1 with the big smile on his face." Delgado, likewise said he's using a lighter, more classic palette for ASM than SSM.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Spencer explained, is about the day-to-day lives of some of Spider-Man's "C-list and D-list villains." They've been stealing some high-profile things, and are in "a lot of trouble."

Coming in October, The Edge of Spider-Verse #1, and each issue will feature a different Spider from a different universe. The first is David Hine, Fabrice Sapolsky and Richard Isanove doing a Spider-Man Noir story, picking up from the most recent mini-series. #2 is Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez, starring Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman, and there was a cosplayer in the crowd for that already! "It's so vibrant and so cool," Lowe promised. #3 is written and drawn by Dustin Weaver, with an all-new sci-fi Spider-Man in the future. "All of these issues lead directly into Spider-Verse" (those first three are in October). Issue #4 by Clay Mcleod Chapman and Elia Bonetti is "terrifying. It's probably closer to Metamorphosis by Kafka than anything by Stan Lee." Issue #5 is written by Gerard Way and drawn by Jake Wyatt, and features a mecha-Spider-Man, an alternate universe Japanese styled Spidey. "If you're fans of Umbrella Academy, you gotta pick it up!"

Amazing Spider-Man #7 will start a team-up with Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan, and is also an Edge of Spider-Verse tie-in. "Kamala is the closest character to classic Peter Parker in the entire Marvel Universe. It feels like classic Spider-Man - it's that good!" Slott said. "Also, we're going to introduce ... on top of Spider-Verse using every Spider-Man there's ever been, we're also making some guys up, you'll get some all-new Spiders! One of my favorites is The Spider-Man of Otherworld, the Spider-Man of the Captain Britain Corps, SPIDER-MAN UK!

"Some of the fun of Spider-Verse is that there will be a Spider-Man for you, no matter who you love." Speaking of, MC2 Spider-Girl returns with Amazing Spider-Man #8. "This issue is essential. And it doesn't look like she's in for a good time. There's rough stuff ahead for every Spider-character that you care about. I'm very sorry," Slott continued.

Scarlet Spiders #1 cover
Scarlet Spiders #1 cover
Credit: Marvel Comics

Spider-Verse Team Up is a new three-issue mini-series with two stories in each issue. The first will have stories by Christos Gage, Roger Stern, Tom DeFalco, Dave Williams, and more.

Scarlet Spiders is a three issue mini-series featuring Ben Reilly Spider-Man! Alongside him are Scarlet Spider Kaine, and Ultimate Jessica Drew! It's by Mike Costa and Paco Diaz.

A new Spider-Verse themed mobile game called Spider-Man Unlimited is coming in September, and lets you play as Spider-Men from all over the Marvel multiverse - there are 23 playable at launch, and more as Spider-Verse kicks up.

Lowe promised there is one more Spider-Man Announcement, but it's going to be held for the Women of Marvel panel on Sunday morning.

And then, Fan Q&A.

Q: Any chance of Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman getting her own series?

Lowe: First she has to survive Spider-Verse... Everyone has to survive Spider-Verse.

Slott: You have to imagine for Peter Parker it's going to be very weird meeting her.

Q: I just started reading with ASM #1, how new-reader friendly is the intimidating Spider-Verse?

Slott: Very. All you need to know is there's lots of Spider-Men. You'll meet them, and many of them will die just a few pages later, so don't worry. As you're reading these characters and meeting them, and think "Oh man, I want to know more about Ben Reilly," then you can spin-off and pick up Scarlet Spiders. It's all fun... until you start crying.

Q: How far back were you planning Superior Spider-Man?

Slott: "I started all of this as far back as Amazing Spider-Man #600, but everything was out of order from where it all wound up coming out." Slott pitched the brainswap story, and really wanted to get Ends of the Earth done first so that the brainswap would be #700. In order to get there, he had to figure out Spider-Island first.

Q: Movie Spideys in the crossover?

Slott: "There are 8 Spider-Men we can't use, including any of the Sony ones - Toby, Andrew, Spectacular animated and MTV animated, then a few others. But there are so many guys, Spider-Mans from What If?s. Miles Morales has a big part, but not those guys, sorry."

Q: How did Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman get her powers? Asked a young fan.

Lowe: "It's all in Edge of Spider-Verse - there's a twist, I think you'll like it."

Q: 90s Animated Series Spider-Man / Spider-Man Unlimited?

Slott: "Yeah, Spider-Man Unlimited is the end of his story, so we'll see him that way."

Q: What's Miles Morales's role in Spider-Verse?

Slott and Lowe said you'll see him in ASM and in Edge of Spider-Verse. "And yes, it affects his story in Ultimate Spider-Man"

Q: How does Gwen Stacy come back to life to be Spider-Woman, a young fan in costume asked.

Slott: It's a Gwen from another universe.

Fan: Oh, okay, that makes a lot of sense! (Slott gave him a signed comic)

Q: LEGO Spider-Man?

Slott: In some non-legally offensive way, yes. I want to have 8-bit Spider-Man from Atari in there.

Q: How merciless from 1-10 are you being on the Spideys in Spider-Verse?

Slott: 616.

Q: What's the hardest part of writing an event like this?

Slott: Sleep

Lowe: This story is big, but it only revolves in the Spider-Man series, it doesn't cross over into the other Marvel Universe books. There's a huge bible that maps out every detail that Dan wrote, he's been working on it for over a year. The story is SO GOOD.

Slott: There really is no way of summing it up than saying it's EVERY SPIDER-MAN, it's throwing the whole toybox into the air.

Q: Madame Web - haven't seen her for awhile, will she play a role in Spider-Verse?

Slott: Madame Web will be on panel in an upcoming Amazing Spider-Man issue. She has been in a coma since "Danger Zone."

Q: Does every Spider-Man ever include Ultimate Peter Parker?

Slott: "That's a really good question! Come up I'll give you a comic."

Q: Will we see a real closure/grieving process for Ana Maria? She learned the man who she was going to marry died...

Lowe: "Yeah, she learned that he died, but also that he was a supervillain. That he literally tried to blow the world up."

Slott: "Do you guys like Ana Maria?" (applause) "You'd feel really terrible if something horrible happened to her... Next question!"

Q: Is Daredevil then Iron Man going to San Francisco a trend?

Lowe: "Yes, everyone's going to San Francisco. It's lovely."

Slott: "Newsarama exclusive!"

Q: Spider-villains?

Lowe: "Just the main villains in the series."

Q: Will we see who 616 Miles Morales is?

Lowe: Not in Spider-Verse...

Slott: oooooooo

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