John Boyega and Black Panther

With the advent of Marvel's movie success, many actors have publically vied for the role of Black Panther in interviews and social media. And now one of the stars of next year’sStar Wars Episode VII is throwing his hat into the arena.

British actor John Boyega, who made his screen debut just three years ago in Joe Cornish’s Attack The Block, took to Twitter on Tuesday talking openly about his aspirations for a role in Marvel’s movies, and particularly that of T’Challa.

“Marvel role? ….hehehe … I’m damn right aiming for it,” Boyega tweeted. “Currently booking flight to Wakanda.”

As most comics fans know, Wakanda is the futuristic African country home to the Black Panther. Created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in 1962 during their legendary run on the comic series Fantastic Four, the Black Panther was the first black superhero in mainstream American comic books.

Talk about a live-action Black Panther has been around going back as far as 22 years. In 1992, Wesley Snipes announced that he was working on a Black Panther film, years before he starred in the Blade films. In 2005, then-Marvel CEO/Chairman Avi Arad said Black Panther was one of ten films Marvel was producing on their own, but as of yet nothing has materialized.

So could Boyega be Marvel’s Black Panther? Perhaps. At this moment you either have nothing more than an actor openly talking about projects he’d like to do ... or you have an actor already in the Disney-tent pole family conspicuously getting people talking about playing a significant Marvel role two days before Comic-Con and just a few days after Marvel announced five unnamed movies planned between now and 2019.

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