DAREDEVIL’s Waid Calls New BOOM! Series 'An American Fable'

Earlier this month, Boom! Studios announced that its former Editor-In-Chief and principal comics writer Mark Waid would be returning to the California-based publisher later this year. At the time, both parties avoided mentioning any specifics about the project but Newsarama has since learned some new details about the book – directly from the source.

In an interview with Newsarama.com, Waid said that the still as-yet-unnamed series will be a four-issue story that’s “radically unlike anything I’ve ever attempted before.” Given the prevalence of the superhero genre and Waid’s significant work in that arena, Newsarama asked if this new series would be in that same ball field.

“I suppose, if you squinted and cocked your head at just the right angle, you might see a superhero story in it,” the writer told Newsarama. “But my collaborator and I think of it more as an American fable.”

Although Waid was mum about the title of the book and even his collaborator, he did say that the collaborative artist of the book was the main impetus for him adding one more book to his busy schedule and jumping back in to the sometimes unsteady world of creator-owned comics.

“[This came about from] an invitation from one of my closest friends, an artist I've not worked with before but who's one of the most in-demand folks in the business,” Waid explains. “When he asked me to join him in telling this story, we both knew that because of its volatile subject matter, there weren't many publishers who would ?touch it--but we knew BOOM! would be willing to take the risk.”

Credit: Boom! Studios

Waid knows BOOM! Studios well – as both a writer and an employee. In August 2007, the editor-turned-writer joined the publisher as its Editor-In-Chief and served in that capacity for over three years, including being promoted to be the company’s Chief Creative Officer. During that time, Waid launched four creator-owned series there – Irredeemable, Incorruptible, Potter’s Field and The Unknown – as well launching three licensed titles: Pixar’s The Incredibles, Stan Lee’s The Traveler and Steed and Mrs. Peel.

Given Waid’s previous creator-owned series at BOOM! and two of those titles’ co-existence in a shared world, Newsarama asked if this could be a part of that – and further, if he could ever do a direct continuation of series like Irredeemable or Incorruptible. For fans of those characters, the writer’s answer might disappoint you – but might also excite you for another reason.

“There’s no current plans, but I get asked a lot,” says Waid. “I'd never touch the Plutonian again--I knew what the ending to his story was years before I wrote those final pages, and I'm happy I seem to have stuck the landing--but there are other characters in that universe, aren't there...?”

The Plutonian’s story in Irredeemable was fairly shocking for comics fans at the time of its release, and Waid says that this new series is “full of potential land mines” but stress that he and his collaborator are working “carefully” and with “utmost confidence.”

“There's a reason the artist/co-creator and? I are the right men to tell this particular story,” Waid shares. “A bit of background having nothing to do with comics that almost no one else of our generation shares--and upon that will hang its chances of success.”

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