Wentworth Miller To Guest on THE FLASH as a Key ROGUE

Wentworth Miller on Prison Break
Wentworth Miller on 'Prison Break'
Credit: FOX
Credit: DC Comics

The CW’s The Flash just got a little bit cooler. Bad puns aside, executive producer Greg Berlanti announced the casting of Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold to the series at the summer TCAs. Wentworth Miller from Prison Break will play the iconic villain, one of The Flash’s signature “Rogues,” a group of villains that bands together and has their own unique moral code.

Right now Miller is only booked for one episode, the series’ fourth, but even money says he’ll be back for more after that. The pilot features fellow Rogue, Weather Wizard, so we could see an assemblage of that team sooner rather than later in the series.

Of course, we could also see a new take on Captain Cold - in the DC Comics the show is based on, Captain Cold has taken a heroic turn recently, even serving as a probationary member of the Justice League (alongside fellow usually-a-villain Lex Luthor).

The Flash debuts on The CW on October 7, 2014, and stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, a forensic investigator who gains the power of super speed through a freak accident.

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