Comic Book TV Casting: POWERS' Pilgrim Picked, DAREDEVIL Adds Genre-Action Vet, Karen Page

Susan Heyward as Deena Pilgrim
Credit: Sony TV

We know Powers is coming to the PlayStation Network, and now we know some of the people we’ll see suiting up. Deena Pilgrim will be played by Susan Heyward, most recently of The Following. The actress will play the special “Powers Division” homicide detective who partners up with Christian Walker, a detective who used to be a Power himself.

Depending on how much the show follows the comic (and how deep into the story/how many seasons it gets), she could wind up turning quite the electrifying performance in. For now, the regular human character is described as “equal parts beauty and sarcasm” in the casting notice posted by Deadline.

And while there’s no casting for Christian yet, two supporting roles have been cast. Adam Godley (Breaking Bad) will play Captain Cross, head of the Powers division of the police department. Max Fowler (The Killing) will play the son of Walker’s deceased partner, who was murdered by a power. There are no updates as to the timetable of a pilot or the series release, including whether it will be released serially or in the season-at-a-time model of Netflix.

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And speaking of Netflix, another “major recurring role” has been cast on Daredevil, the first series Marvel Studios and Netflix are teaming up on together, due out in 2015. Peter Shinkoda has been cast in an unnamed role. The actor has a long list of genre and action credits, suggesting he may have a Hands-on role, or show off his mastery of kung fu. That’s just speculation, but you can watch him in action as Sektor on the Mortal Kombat: Legacy series here.

Meanwhile, Deborah Ann Woll of True Blood fame has been cast as Karen Page, the female lead in Daredevil. Page has a long, tragic history in the comics and will likely be the primary love interest for the show. She joins Shinkoda, Elden Henson, Rosario Dawson, Vincent D'Onofrio as The Kingpin and Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock.

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