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The Toyman

"Toys are powerful things, you know. They're vessels for the imagination, imbued with life through the simple act of play." -- Winslow Schott (Chris Gauthier), "Requiem"

Getting all up to speed, in last week's "Power," Lana came to acquire the Luthor biosuit that he had prepared to start his plan for global domination anew. She doesn't quite match Clark ability for ability, but she now has little problem catching up to Clark.

"Requiem" kicks off in a nondescript workshop where a mysterious creepy guy is assembling a model of the Daily Planet, all the while talking to himself about the virtues of toys. Cut to a board meeting at LuthorCorp where the principal players in the company are discussing the ouster of Tess Mercer. Despite making the Daily Planet a profitable success, the loss of the biosuit is pinned on her and she's gotta go. The board gets set to vote and Oliver Queen walks in feeling pretty confident. Tess is conveniently in Dubai on business, but he announces that he's purchased controlling interest in his rival company. Before the board has a chance to react, an office desk toy distracts Ollie (the clicking balls, like what Non was fixated on in Superman II -- what are those called??) and he quickly figures out that a bomb's about to go off. Said bomb explodes and cue the show's credits.

Back at the Kent farm, Lana & Clark are going at it, breaking the bed in the process. Damn. Now with her new powers, Lana can take it, and Clark is a whole lot more romantic and excitable. Surprisingly, she breaks up the moment by declaring that she wants to go on patrol with him. Her ability to save Dr. Grohl's life last episode proved too intoxicating. Clark is actually psyched because he loves having someone to share his life with now. Before they get going though there's a little more lovey dovey. Chloe shows up to the farm with the news on the LuthorCorp explosion. Turns out everyone is dead but Oliver.

Ollie wakes up at the hospital and Clark & Lana show up to see him. Ollie says that the table he knew to duck under saved his life. He's banged up but manageable. He explains what happened and the obvious suspect is Lex. Ollie then points out that Lana should be Enemy #1 since she snagged Lex's lifeline, the biosuit that gives her the powers. When Clark asks for a clue, Ollie doesn't readily give up what tipped him off earlier for some reason. At the crime scene, Clark feels kryptonite in the room. Lana finds what looks like a piece of the detonator with a chunk of it. Clark suggests that it's not the first time kryptonite has been used for that purpose. Suddenly in an instant, the chunk disappears, and it almost looks like it absorbed into Lana's finger. They find the detonator has a Queen Industries chip and they figure out that Ollie's hiding something. Lana then tells Clark about when she met Oliver met in Cuba, both of them in pursuit of Lex.

Elsewhere, at the Toyman's den, he figures out that Tess was not at the meeting and Ollie survived the blast. We also discover the ventriloquist dummy toy he's been talking to while working is a transmitter that connects to the incapacitated yet active Lex Luthor. They're actually communicating with each other, and it's clear he's working for Lex. From the looks of things, too, Toyman's next trick involves the Daily Planet. At Metropolis General, Ollie flirts with a cute nurse when Chloe shows up. Ollie knows of Winslow Schott (Chris Gauthier, TV's Eureka and figures that "Toy Boy" had the credentials and expertise to do this (an M.I.T. grad, by the way). He figures that Schott's now working for Lex. Ollie kept this from Clark because he wants Winslow to lead him to Lex to take him out for good. Chloe reluctantly helps, but Clark figures out shortly after and they have a major discussion about how he should handle the threat of Lex. Knowing what Lex is capable of, is Clark ready to commit the ultimate act to stop him if it's necessary?

Later at the hospital, Winslow shows up with a "gift" for Oliver. Uh oh. Cut to the Kent Farm and Clark walks in on Lana who found her old pendant (the kryptonite in it is long since dormant). She tells him that Dr. Grohl figured out that the biosuit absorbed it. He blows it off (dumb) for the immediate situation at hand. Back at the hospital, Ollie is shirtless (as he is throughout most of this episode), handcuffed to his bed, and Winslow "toys" with him. Ollie stays in character to taunt Winslow by playing aloof. They play mindgames with each other before Winslow sets up a toy monkey to bang cymbals 53 times -- 53 signifying the number of patents Queen cashed in on -- before blowing up. Ollie gets Winslow in a headlock and forces him to reveal where Lex is.

Thanks to research by way of the local patent office, Clark and Lana show up at Toyman's workshop. Lana finds the dummy that Lex is connected to, figures out its purpose, and tosses it in the trash. They find the model of Metropolis and realize that it's like the blueprints for what Winslow is likely to blow up, the Daily Planet. Back at the hospital, the nurse finds Ollie gone and the Toyman under the covers in his place. Chloe shows up, but not in time to stop Winslow from being freed as he uses trick balloons to knock the ladies out and escape ("I win."). Revived shortly after, Chloe hooks up Clark with a "Lex-tracker." Clark and Lana finds the bomb setup at the top of the Planet. The bomb is powered by kryptonite, and Lex, from long distance, taunts the two on how to fix it. You know it's not really Michael Rosenbaum playing Lex, but the dialogue they give him is very effective and very in character. Lex arranges it so that the only way the bomb can be diffused is if Lana absorbs all the kryptonite. The byproduct of this, much to Lex's delight, is that this will prevent Clark and Lana from ever being close again. Lana does the deed, and Clark tracks down Lex to a remote semi truck. Enraged at what Lex did, he's ready to take that ultimate step discussed earlier. Lana steps in and talks Clark out of it, but the semi blows up anyway, though not by their doing.

Later, Chloe gets a visit from Ollie at ther office. Her investigation finds that the body was in fact Lex's, and the explosion was actually because of Ollie. Turns out he planted that monkey bomb on the truck. Ollie is resigned to let Winslow Schott (never caught and at large at this point) take the blame. They argue over the rights and wrongs of the murder and the framing of Schott, but the reach a stalemate since they both did the similar things (Chloe offed one Sebastian Kane back in "Identity") to protect Clark. They agree to disagree but keep their mutual secrets intact.

The last few minutes lack a lot of dialogue as the textbook mournful, musical montage to end an episode is utilized. During this, Clark checks the wreckage, Ollie finds Lex's ring, Chloe and Lana talk, hug (about what,I wonder?), and Clark goes back to his home fortress at the Kent farm. Lana shows up and informs Clark that Dr. Grohl can't help Lana remove the biosuit. She has to go because she wants to be productive, but can't be anywhere near Clark if they can never even be physically close again. He gets in one last kiss before her tearful departure, and you can see the kryptonite surging through him. With that, Lana is gone, and a million Smallville fans rejoice. I think I speak for many when I suggest that while there is nothing wrong with Kristin Kreuk, her character brings out the worst in Clark. He's made a lot of progress on his way to being the Man of Steel, especially this season, and he always regresses back to a lovesick 16-year-old when she's around. Physically AND emotionally, Lana departure is best for him.

So what did you think of "Requiem" and the Smallville debut of Toyman? Did you notice that he shared no screen time with Clark? Where did Toyman go anyway? How was Tess NOT in this episode when LuthorCorp business was the order of the day? Have we seen the last of Lex, Winslow, or, more frighteningly, Lana??

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