NYCC '09: Yost & Kyle on X-Force: Sex & Violence

X-Force: Sex & Violence

Marvel’s X-Force monthly has been turning a lot of heads with its garish violence and its month-after-month-after-month of shocking cliffhangers—regular readers probably find themselves asking: “what next?!?”

This weekend at the New York Comic Con, Marvel answered the question with the announcement of X-Force: Sex & Violence this fall. Written by the X-Force dynamic duo of Chris Yost and Craig Kyle with painted work provided by Gabriele del Otto—this provocative project pits Wolverine and Domino against the Assassin’s Guild. And much like the monthly title in all it’s decadently violent splendor, readers can expect the body count of this mini to be high—and let’s not forget that the S-E-X word is in the title too.

Newsarama got a hold of Yost and Kyle to talk particulars with their new X-Force project to see if they could shed some light on the very dark corner that X-Force operates out of.

Newsarama: First things first, with a title like "Sex & Violence" this mini must be a pretty racy affair; what can readers expect from this story? Is there a darker subtext to this project?

Chris Yost: Hugs. And some light wrestling. That's what we're going to see here. I think it's fair to say readers can expect a pretty intense story, on both the 'sex' and 'violence' fronts. Wolverine and Domino are two characters that have blood on their hands, and have been involved in the past. Note I didn't say 'romantically.' Just involved. We're not going to shy away from anything.

Craig Kyle: What Wolverine and Domino can’t have sex with, they will kill. It’s that simple.

NRAMA: Has it been established how well Domino and Wolverine have known each other in the past, and will that be explored in Sex & Violence?

CY: In a New X-Men Annual by Grant Morrison, the two seemingly shared a special moment. And as it is Wolverine, I assume they've teamed a billion times in the past—we just don't know about it!!

CK: Domino and Wolverine have a past that we have been hinting at in X-Force but this is where we get to tell the story we don’t have room for in the ongoing title. And yes, their relationship that is equal parts sex and violence. This should be a really, really fun and @#$%ed up adventure for all involved.

NRAMA: Why does Wolverine want to handle this project personally without the members of X-Force?

CY: It's not within the team's mandate, really. It has nothing to do with the enemies of mutantkind, just a personal thing with Dom. And since Wolverine doesn't want most of the members of X-Force doing the stuff they do anyway, he's not going to bring them into this.

CK: Yeah, Wolverine has proven to be someone who takes care of his own. He would go to the wall for anyone on the team...except Vanisher, of course. He cares about Domino and even though she screwed up big time he’s sure as hell not letting her go down without a fight.

NRAMA: Wolverine seems to have a knack for being the "knight in shining armor" for damsels in distress—is this an exploitable weakness? Or a character strength?

CY: Let's be clear—Domino is no damsel in distress. But sure, being a hero is always an exploitable weakness. Just ask Spider-Man.

CK: Domino was our top pick for this story because she kicks as much ass as Wolverine. When the story kicks off she isn’t looking for Wolverine’s help but he won’t take no for an answer.

NRAMA: With the Assassin's Guild playing a significant role in the story—will Belladonna be making an appearance?

CY: The Guild is more than Belladonna. There's not going to be a lot of X-history baggage in this one (but it's still us, I swear!), so we many give a nod to all that—but we're really trying to focus on what's critical to the story. Sex. And Violence.

CK: We’ve brought so much of the past back to the present in X-Force this is our little break from the 80’s and 90’s. The Guild is a huge piece of what’s going on in this story but it’s their connection to Domino that we’re focusing on and not the other storylines people know about them. So don’t be looking for Gambit.

NRAMA: Will the events of this mini bear fruit in the monthly series?

CY: Wait, are you asking if Domino gets pregnant? Craig and I never forget anything, so if we've used it before, it's probably going to show up somewhere else.

CK: It’s true. I’m pregnant.

NRAMA: Given what you’re exploring here, is there potential for MAX projects involving Wolverine and X-Force in the future?

CY: That is a question over my pay grade. It seems like a natural, but at the same time, it seemingly may limit the audience. It's a publishing/marketing question. I don't think Craig and I would write it any differently, anyway. Just without the $%@%# to cover up the naughty words.

And no exposed lady parts.

CK: Agreed. I really enjoy writing and reading @#$%! But when it’s all spelled out it’s a little too harsh for my taste. When it comes to action and violence, I think we’ve done more than we needed in the current book without the help of it being a MAX title. I mean, we cut off the Vanisher’s lower jaw and no one blinked. So, I think we’re good. FYI: Mike Choi, surprised us with the lower jaw thing but we loved it and decided to keep it in. Although, we did have to revise the dialogue a little.

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