Marvel Expands DEATH OF WOLVERINE Event with LOGAN LEGACY Limited Series

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

How will the world deal with Wolverine’s death? That question will be answered by Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy, a new seven issue mini-series beginning in October, as announced Friday on The miniseries will begin and end with Charles Soule, writer of September’s Death of Wolverine, and in-between will feature five writers known to most comic book fans as members of the Bat-Office, brought over to Marvel by Mike Marts, who recently returned to the X-Men line from a several-year stint at DC Comics.

Each middle issue will focus primarily on one character close to Wolverine in their own way. #2 features X-23 in a story by Tim Seeley and artist Ariela Kristantina. #3 features Sabertooth, by Kyle Higgins and Jonathan Marks. #4 is Lady Deathstrike by Marguerite Bennet and Juan Doe. #5, Daken by Ray Fawkes and Elia Bonetti. And finally #6 is Mystique by James Tynion IV with art by Andy Clarke.

Credit: Marvel Comics

In the announcement interview, Charles Soule says the September series Death of Wolverine is “an inciting event,” and The Logan Legacy will loo at the effects both on those “close to Wolverine” and also the larger “black hole Logan’s death actually leaves.”

While each chapter is being written by different talent, Soule and Marts have worked with the other writers to make sure there’s a cohesive through line. “Each part of The Logan Legacy will feel different,” Soule says. “My chapters won’t read anything like Tim’s or Kyle’s or Marguerite’s. That’s a good thing, to my mind. Logan was many different things, so a set of stories honoring his legacy should have that same vibe.”

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