Archie Reboots Superhero Line as DARK CIRCLE COMICS, Promises Creator-Driven Stories

Dark Circle's new logo
Credit: Archie Comics

Archie Comics’ superheroes are back, but they’re sporting a new color. Gone is the age of the Red Circle lineup, and now a Dark Circle rises.

The new line will feature versions of characters from their previous superhero universe, one that has seen multiple reboots and relaunches - even from other publishers - over the years, but is separating itself to signify a true new start here. The plan, according to a press release, is to take a “cinematic, literary, and mature approach” to the new superhero line.

“These will be creator-driven books telling new, genre bending stories with some of the best characters in comics,” said editor Alex Segura in the release. “They’ll be more akin to cable television shows like Boardwalk Empire, True Detective and Orange is the New Black. Unique voices telling stories about flawed characters from a range of genres, including crime, superhero adventure and off-the-wall action. These are definitely not all-ages comics – they’ll compete with the best Image, DC and Marvel have to offer. They won’t be bogged down by continuity while still carrying on the legacy of these heroes. Fans are in for a treat.”

In an announcement interview with USAToday’s Brian Truitt, Segura teased a “dream team of creators,” who will be revealed ahead of Comic-Con International: San Diego in two weeks. Those creators will be able to “jump in without many rules,” Segura promised. “We’re handing them the keys and telling them to go crazy.” Those creators will be able to tap the “entire library of heroes, villains, worlds, and teams” in the rebranded Dark Circle vault.

”We’re not looking to be the 53rd book in (DC’s) ‘The New 52’ or the 12th X-Men book,” said the editor. “Those guys do those books well.” He went on to say he thinks the new line will take “iconic characters” and tell their “definitive stories” in a “creator-driven” way.

The Dark Circle line will debut in 2015.

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