AGENT KALLUS Gets First Full Villain Reveal for STAR WARS REBELS

Credit: Lucasfilm Animation

“I guess you could say he’s a bad guy. Yeah, that’s me.”

Credit: Lucasfilm Animation

That’s the word from David Oyelowo, the voice of Agent Kallus, a rebel hunter for the Empire in Star Wars: Rebels. The first full reveal for a villain comes in the same style as those for the heroes of the show, with a feature video showing the actor recording (both solo and alongside other actors - a signature of Lucasfilm animation), clips of his character, and more behind-the-scenes interviews with Oyelowo, Dave Filoni, and more.

Oyelowo says this is finally the role "that makes my kids scream" in the video revealed first on HeroComplex.

The character of Agent Kallus is described further as somewhere between military police and the FBI, and while Oyelowo acknowledges his evil nature, Filoni promises he’s not just a mustache-twirling villain (though he does love his impressive mutton chops).

Credit: Lucasfilm Animation

"We definitely wanted to capture that ‘70s feeling that was so strong in A New Hope. Art Director Kilian Plunkett and I looked at a lot of reference to try and make that influence fit into Rebels," said the producer and co-showrunner. "I’m hoping to see some people sporting that look at Comic-Con next year."

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