Alex Maleev Joins Mignola & Arcudi for new HELLBOY & THE BPRD Series

Credit: Dark Horse Comics

Hellboy may be dead and in hell, but tales from his epic life on Earth are being told for the first time in an all-new series titled Hellboy & The BPRD. Announced earlier today over at Nerdist.comHellboy & The BPRD will document untold adventures from the horn-headed hero during his tenure as part of the BPRD – beginning with his first mission in 1952, taking place in the Brazilian jungle.

Set to launch on December 3, Hellboy & The BPRD will see former Daredevil artist Alex Maleev return to full-time comics art and join regular B.P.R.D. writers Mike Mignola and John Arcudi, as well as colorist Dave Stewart. Maleev’s last major comics project was George Romero’s Empire of the Dead for Marvel, but he worked in the Mignola-verse in the past with a story in 2003’s Hellboy: Weird Tales #3.

“The biggest challenge is having Mike Mignola going over my pages,” Maleev tells “It’s like being back in art school and having your teacher grading your work. Now I have not only myself and my editors to please, but Mike as well dangling like the Right Hand of Doom over my neck. The project keeps me very much on the edge of my seat.”

Maleev says that while any Hellboy book has to have Mignola’s signature style in it, he is designing some new elements in Hellboy & The BPRD with Mignola.

“I am not, by any means, restricted by what has already been established,” says the artist. “The artistic uphill battle for me is to add my own ingredients without throwing the world off balance.”

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