DC Reveals New CATWOMAN Creative Team / Direction, Two New Villain Ongoings

Catwoman #35
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Just in time for Halloween, Klarion the Witch Boy is getting his own ongoing series at DC Comics in October. Writer Ann Nocenti, lately of Catwoman, will write the series, with artist Trevor McCarthy drawing it.

Nocenti’s new schedule means she is leaving Catwoman behind, with a newcomer, Genevieve Valentine, taking over that series.

The announcements were made Tuesday on io9, of which Valentine is a writer. With Klarion’s proclivity toward the darkness and some level of villainy, the character marks a notable push for those with looser morals to take on starring roles. At DC Comics, Klarion joins Catwoman, Sinestro, Lobo, and Deathstroke in solo ongoings (with Lex Luthor heading the Justice League series and a new Suicide Squad launching to boot), while at Marvel Loki and Magneto both have ongoing adventures being told, as well.

In the announcement interview, Nocenti says the new series will be “a mix of sci-fi, horror and mysticism,” and praises McCarthy’s “wild, inventive style.” While he has plagued heroes in the past, in his New 52 debut, Klarion will go through a coming of age story, with the young wizard being pulled between two disparate factions, putting him into a “battle for the health (or death) of the planet.”

While she’s leaving behind Catwoman, Nocenti will have Teekl, Klarion’s cat familiar, to play with in the new series. There will also be guest stars showing up throughout the series from the mystical side of the DC Universe, including promises of Spectre, The Demon, and Zatanna.

Valentine, meanwhile, will see Selina Kyle learning of her true heritage in the pages of Batman Eternal. She and artist Garry Brown will then tell the story of Selina coming into her own in the previously teased role of kingpin of Gotham in Catwoman. As to that slightly more villainous turn? Valentine says it’s natural for the character.

”Even when she has good intentions, she doesn't seem to be able to help it, does she? And of course, at the head of a crime family, it's not so much a matter of If as a matter of When,” Valentine says. “That said, the crimes are of a very different nature than her usual; some clandestine larceny here and there is a very different thing from having so many eyes on you and giving the kinds of orders that make the underworld run.”

Of course, that will clash with her “inherent distrust of authority” and her love of freedom.

It’s been a busy week or so for DC, who’s distributed several announcements of new series and creative changes for fall titles around the comic book and genre news site community, including:

Credit: DC Comics

Monday DC also announced a new ‘ultraviolent’ Lobo ongoing series by Cullen Bunn and Reilly Brown debuting in October.

"Violence is just one aspect of the character. It's there, and it's something we are going to embrace in this series, but we'll also be exploring facets of Lobo that haven't really been brought into the spotlight,” revealed Bunn in an announcement interview with CBR. “He had a life, a job, a family, a lover long before he became the cruel, devious man-hunter we'll see in this series."

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