Missed GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Sneak Peek? Here's a New Trailer!

Credit: Marvel Studios

We went to the Guardians of the Galaxy sneak peek at select 3D IMAX theaters across the country tonight, and got to see seventeen minutes of footage from the film. There was about a 1 minute trailer, around 13.5 minute scene, and another 2.5 minute trailer shown to round out the footage promised.

Without giving spoilers for those less than inclined for such things, the scene takes place presumably about half an hour into the movie, in the prison known as the Kiln shown in many other trailers and promotional materials. It's the exact moment these misfits come together, and it was awesome.

Awesome is a word that gets overused (even by yours truly), but in this case I mean it in the very specific sense of the word: inspiring awe. Watching this 17 minutes of footage set off the same feelings in me that I felt when I saw Star Wars for the first time; something readers of this site know means a lot to me. I felt awe and wonder with every second. I laughed. I cared instantly about the characters. I was wowed by the action and excited by the prospect of getting to know these people and this universe. I got a bit of a crush on Gamora, instantly wanted to be Star-Lord's best friend, and was a bit intimidated by Drax - both by his brawn and his brains. Oh, and Rocket and Groot are exactly as fantastic as you'd hope they would be. The 3D and IMAX are both expertly executed - the image of the giant decapitated Celestial head known as "Knowhere" will stay with me for a long time, and made my jaw literally drop open.

And this was only 17 minutes.

If you missed the footage, the good news is that thanks to Fandango you can see the new "Extended Look" trailer, which features an in-motion shot of Ronan's ship, a (quick) close-up of Michael Rooker as Yondu, and the full version of that "That's not a real laugh" scene that will make you laugh even more. Take a look here, and remember, as of today there's only 24 days until Guardians of the Galaxy hits US theaters.

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