The BATMAN & Metalocalypse Mashup You Didn't Know You Needed

Metal Batman "and Sons"
Credit: ArhyBES

Come on, we've all wanted to see Batman make fun of Rocket Raccoon and yell at The Flash, Aquaman, Deadpool, and more, right? RIGHT?

In this animated music video for Dethklok's (see: the metal band made up for Metalocalypse on Adult Swim) "Face Fisted," Animators ArhyBES have given you the metal Batman you deserve.

Now beware, some of the lyrics (and let's face it, some of the imagery) is NSFW, so you might want to watch this one on your phone - with headphones - on break. See how Batman's face breaks your hand and other ridiculous metal lyrical marvels in the video below.

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