STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Adds Two Newcomers, Pauses Production

Andersen and Clarke

The number of principal cast members in Star Wars: Episode VII has increased by two with the additions of Crystal Clarke and Pip Andersen, two newcomers who fit into the roles put out for the open casting call for the film. Both roles are described specifically as good-looking, smart and athletic - the last part is key, as we could be seeing two young Jedi here that need to perform acrobatic feats. No word on their characters' official names or relationships to any other characters as the overall casting and storyline remains highly secretive.

Andersen is particularly ripe for such a role, as the young actor has already shown off Spidey-like skills in a commercial a few years back.

Meanwhile, mainly due to Harrison Ford’s broken leg, the production will halt for about two weeks in August as they try to rearrange the schedule to accommodate his recovery time.

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy pointed out Clarke and Andersen’s newcomer status in her official statement on the casting, saying, “The Star Wars universe has always been about discovering and nurturing young talent, and in casting Episode VII, we wanted to remain absolutely faithful to this tradition. We are delighted that so many traveled to see us at the open casting calls and that we have been able to make Crystal and Pip a part of the film.”

Star Wars: Episode VII is due in theaters December 18, 2015.

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