NYCC '09 - BOOM! Panel, More Waid Comics on the Way

Boom! Studios announced at New York Comic Con that Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid's next comic book series for the company will be The Unknown, a story about a detective who solved every mystery known to man, except the mystery of death, and the unknown.

"The Unknown is a detective story," Waid said of the new series, which focuses on a man who is the new apprentice to a female detective who is trying to solve the mystery of death.

With interiors by Dutch artist Minck Oosterveer, The Unknown joins the previously announced Irredeemable as two of the new comics being written by Waid that were announced in September at Baltimore Comic Con.

The Irredeemable is a superhero comic series that asks the question: What if the world's greatest hero decided to become the world's greatest villain? Interior art for the series will be drawn by Peter Krause.

"I would say that the title of the book does not bespeak a happy ending," Waid said with a laugh via a prepared video. "The basic story is he immediately turned on his fellow superheroes. Now you have a few of them left, and they sort of put their heads together."

Waid said that just because you get superpowers doesn't mean you're emotionally stable enough to handle the job of superhero.

As Waid told Newsarama, hiring his editorial staff meant his schedule opened up enough to give him the time to write a few comic books for Boom! outside his previous commitments to The Incredibles comic, his Potter's Field stories and his work on Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel.

"With these guys on board now as my editorial staff, they're doing a great job, and so I can really step back and get away from the day-to-day," Waid said.

The writer/editor also said the ideas for the new comics are things he's wanted to write for awhile, but hadn't gotten the chance.

"They're mostly ideas that have been percolating around, and I just get to pick and choose now, which is nice," Waid said. "I've had 20 years to kind of accumulate."

The panel, which included Boom co-founder Ross Richie, Fall of Chtulu writer Michael Alan Nelson, and Boom Marketing and Sales Director Chip Mosher, also had news about some Boom comics that will be available for download on for mobile telephone devices. Hexed #1 will be the first comic available for free download on Google Android, the new mobile phone operating system. Boom also announced that Farscape #1 will be available for free download as an iPhone application.

Richie also said that Boom has a big year in 2009, with announcements each month of new series.

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