Guillermo del Toro Announces PACIFIC RIM 2 Date, New Comic Book & Animated Series

Pacific Rim
Credit: Legenday Pictures

On April 7, 2017, it’ll be time to cancel the apocalypse… again. That’s when Pacific Rim 2 will hit theaters from Legendary Pictures, and the film will see Guillermo del Toro in the director’s chair once more, as he is also writing the movie with Zak Penn and the first movie’s co-writer Travis Beacham.

But that’s not all for fans of giant robots fighting giant monsters. del Toro, in a “special message” announced two other Pacific Rim projects. First, there will be a continuation of the comic book project meant to be a prequel to the film - whether that means it will overlap with the story from the movie or move into side stories remains to be seen. Also, there will be an animated series developed in the world of the movie, though no direct timeframe was given for the show.

Watch del Toro’s announcement below, if only to hear him say “more kaijus, more jaegers, kicking each others’ butt” in his outstanding accent.

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