VAMPIRE DIARIES #31 Preview - TV Writers Take on Digital-First Comic


Take an exclusive look at Vampire Diaries Ch 31, as writers from the TV series take on the comic for an interlude.

Vampire Diaries Chapter 31

Writers: Matthew D'Ambrosio, Missy Woodward, and Jeane Wong
Artist: Dennis Calero
"Frat Pack" part 1 of 3. Now that Bonnie’s alive again, the girls plan to take Whitmore College by storm, starting with an Angels & Devils party the Omega Psis are throwing. But they’ve got an ulterior motive: a professor was murdered by a werewolf and they’re pretty sure the frat brothers had something to do with it!
Chapter 31 will be available for download via the DC Comics App,, iBooks,, Google Play, Kindle Store, and the Nook Store on Thursday, June 26th.

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