New York Comic Con 2009 - It's On!

It’s Friday, February 6th, 2009, so that means only one thing for comic fans:

New York Comic Con 2009 has begun.

Here at Newsarama, we’re gearing up to bring you full coverage of the con, from its opening panels to the security guards kicking out the stragglers (okay, maybe not that much…but you get the idea).

We’ll have panel reports beginning later today, along with exclusive news and interviews from the floor, Blog@ checking out the more wide-ranging aspects of the show as well as bringing catching some of the smaller stories, and of course, more preview images than you can shake a stick at – starting in just a little while right here, we’ll have a groovy image from an upcoming issue of Amazing Spider-Man that’s sure to get you talking, and 10 – 10(!) pages of two DC previews that you’ll have to see to believe.

And of course, we’ll be chatting up some of the biggest stars of comics and film in the Newsarama skybox, and those will be appearing over the course of the weekend and next week.

Looking to stick to the news? Our New York Comic Con 2009 page is right here, and our NYCC video channel is right here. Both will be filling up with stories and videos as we get rolling.

Keep checking back throughout the weekend for loads and loads of news, previews, announcements, interviews and more!

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