WONDER WOMAN Strips Collected by IDW August 2014

Credit: IDW

DC Entertainment and IDW Publishing are teaming up with the Library of American Comics to bring Wonder Woman: The Complete Newspaper Comics to readers for the first time. The 196-page hardcover will feature every Wonder Woman newspaper strip from May 1, 1943 to December 1, 1944 - the entire original run, written and drawn by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peters.

The collection will hit comic book stores in August and book stores in September. According to a press release, the story in the strip mimicks that of the comic book, with the story starting on Paradise Island, the meeting of Steve Trevor, and the journey to America.

While this is the self-proclaimed year of Batman at DC Comics thanks to his 75th anniversary, this is another in a sizable push for the premiere female hero. Wonder Woman also gets her own digital-first anthology series starting in July, and made her first big-screen appearance – albeit in animated LEGO form – early this year. That's in addition to a solo ongoing series, a shared ongoing with Superman, and an official casting for a live-action incarnation of the character on film; it's almost like she's part of some sort of Trinity alongside Batman and Superman.

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