Her Universe Makes Theirs MARVEL With New Product Line

Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein models Marvel clothing
Credit: Her Universe

Men, your girlfriends and wives will soon have new clothes that you'll desperately want to steal.

Ladies, enjoy some awesome new Marvel clothing coming soon.

Yes, Her Universe is making theirs Marvel with their newest license and clothing line. After being founded by actress Ashley Eckstein with the Star Wars license while she was voicing Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the apparel and accessories line has grown exponentially. With a mission statement of making geek apparel for women (and often designed specifically by women), Her Universe found its "niche:" serving about 50% of the geek population. Adding in Star Trek, various Syfy properties, Doctor Who, and now, Marvel Comics, Her Universe has become the go-to for female fans who want clothing made specifically for them.

Some of the highlights of the new line are a trio of Captain America-themed clothes, like the Costume Hoodie Tank, the Costume Dress, and the cardigan that shows off Cap's softer side. There's a S.H.I.E.L.D. tank that turns into a Hydra tank in glow-in-the-dark situations, Avengers leggings, and more coming soon.

Check out the newest from Her Universe here, and guys, start the letter-writing campaign for Her Universe to offer men's versions.

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