The Weekly Webbing with Wacker - a Tease

The Weekly Webbing with Wacker

from Amazing Spider-Man #595

This week for our regular chat with Amazing Spider-Man editor Steve Wacker (or a celebrity guest or three), Steve had to beg off due to the schedule crunch from this weekend’s New York Comic Con, but instead of leaving Newsarama readers high and dry, Wacker left us with a teaser image – a page from Amazing Spider-Man #595.

Of course, as Spider-fans know, that issue kicks off the five-part “American Son” storyline, which clearly, involves the Osborns.

Steve will be back Sunday afternoon with some news of what’s to come in the second year of Spider-Man’s new status quo, and will even have an announcement or two to boot, so check back on Sunday around say…1:45?

1:45 it is, then.

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