Spider-Verse Breaks Through Comics to TV in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN

Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors promo
Credit: Marvel Animation

We knew Spider-Verse was going to include every Spider-Man ever in the big comic book crossover event - but how about other mediums?

Yes, in a roundabout way, that's exactly what's happening this fall. In a nice moment of corporate synergy, just as the Amazing Spider-Man teams up with all his Spider-counterparts in the comics, the Ultimate Spider-Man will also team-up with various Spider-Men from across the multiverse on TV.

Yes, that means that Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Girl, and even Miles Morales will come to life in animation this fall, as part of the newly subtitled Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. But that's not all. Alongside his fellow Spiders, the new season also sees Spider-Man officially join the Avengers, and welcome other guest stars like Agent Venom, Cloak & Dagger, Ka-Zar, and Amadeus Cho as an Iron Spider.

Many of those characters will also be coming to toys, Marvel announced in a press release, themed around their appearances in the series. Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors premieres August 31 at 9am on Disney XD.

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