NYCC SE 2014: MARVEL: Next Big Thing Panel - FANTASTIC FOUR 2015 News, Much More

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Executive Editor Tom Brevoort started the panel by introducing the panelists with him on the dais. Mike Marts, X-Men "X-ecutive Editor," Katie Kubert, who has newly made the jump from DC Comics (She was in the Bat-office with Marts) to join in as an editor in the X-office as of "literally about seven hours ago," All-New X-Factor and Spider-Man 2099 writer Peter David, writer Greg Pak, and editor Jordan White (Deadpool).

The panel, already lively, started with some All-New Marvel Now! talk and slides. The next wave is coming in July, with Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon. Asking the crowd if anyone has a favorite in All-New Marvel Now, Marts was hit with a chorus of "Ms. Marvel!" from the fans.

A video promoting Miracleman and its deconstruction of the superhero was shown, including a nice big quote from Newsarama's own Best Shots team. The first hardcover collection is out now.

"In 8 months... Time Runs Out!" said the next slide. Brevoort said, "In 3 months from now, in 8 months time runs out." In Avengers #35 and New Avengers #24 in September, the books will jump forward eight months. it's the beginning of the end for the story that Hickman has been building since he launched the two books. That month "we'll be giving you April's issues of those books early," to tease something major happening in April 2015. "Once we hit April, we don't have to do anything more! We're done!"

Next slide is Hawkeye vs. Deadpool coming from Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli. The slide says "vs. Crime" underneath the title as well.

The Deadpool Bi-Annual #1 by Paul Scheer and Nick Giovanetti and artist Salva Espin was next, and it brings back Brute Force, a bunch of cyborg animals who can turn into vehicles and save the environment. Yes, it's as ridiculous as it sounds. "This will be a lot of fun," promises White.

Next is Deathlok #1, new ongoing on sale in October with the new Deathlok introduced in Original Sins #1.

Edge of Spider-Verse starts in September, with 5 creative teams and 5 different Spider-Men, leading up to Spider-Verse which features every Spider-Man ever.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Spider-Man 2099 by Peter David and Will Sliney is next. "20 years ago, I was writing two books, X-Factor and Spider-Man 2099. Now, I'm writing X-Factor and Spidey 2099. I don't know whether to be proud of that or if I'm in a rut!" David said Stephen Wacker's joke in the letter column of Superior Spider-Man about Spider-Man 2099 being worked on exploded, with fans telling Marvel they'll buy it if Peter David is writing it. "Apparently the fan reaction hit Marvel at the highest levels," and he got a call out of the blue in March. He said "When's the first issue?" Ellie Pyle said, "July." He said, "Well this is March!" She said, "Yes, welcome aboard, you're late on scripts." David said he has always loved Miguel O'Hara, and loved writing him again in the video game Edge of Time and is excited to be back with the character.

"I do not eliminate the possiblity that he'll return to 2099, but I'm really liking him in the present day," David teased. "It has a great fish-out-of-water feel to it. The fan anticipation to this has been really heartening. Something about this character connected with fans in a way that I could not have possibly conceived of when I first developed him twenty-some years ago."

Continuing with All-New X-Factor, David was spotlighted further. He said he loves that there are fans who have chosen every character in the book as their favorite. Issue #14 in October is "Girls Night Out" with Scarlet Witch guest-starring to join her sister Polaris. After that, X-Factor will be "involved with a big X-crossover that I don't know if I can talk about yet, so I won't!"

Next up? The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three adaptation... scripted by Peter David! While he was recovering from a stroke in a hospital in Florida, Stephen King drove five hours to visit Peter in the hospital. David told him that fans asked him about showing the ka-tet and doing the Three, and King said, "Really?" A few weeks later, Marvel called Peter and told him, "we're doing Dark Tower again! Stephen wants more from you!"

Credit: Marvel Comics

Storm #1 by Greg Pak and Victor Ibañez was next. "I got a call from Daniel Ketchum, and he said "Storm?" and I said, 'Sign me up!'"

"When I was first reading comics, a superhero who was a black woman was unheard of. I'm half Korean and I grew up in Dallas, Texas. If ever an asian person was on TV, everyone ran over to the TV. Robbie Robertson, same deal, it was the first time I saw an African-American man holding a white collar job. So the issues of representation have always been important to me.

"But I love that Storm is a character who is not a role model - she's exciting, and dangerous, and flawed, and struggling to do the right thing. That's the classic Marvel thing! She has this center and is the moral compass of the X-Men - but when she first got her powers, she wandered into the desert and called herself a goddess! She's dangerous. It comes out in July, and please pre-order the heck out of it and make it the #1 book in comics."

Hulk Annual and Fantastic Four Annual hit in September, and were teased briefly.

Figment #1, on sale now also got a brief tease, and Marts said, "Jim Zub is a great writer who brings a lot of energy to this book." Other creatures from Imagination will appear in the series.

Next up is AXIS! For the exclusive details on the books leading up to it, check out our interview here! It starts early with March to Axis in September. "You'll see the Avengers, the X-Men, and most of the major villains of the Marvel Universe in this!" More information coming on Monday, Brevoort promised.

Fan Q&A started with a question about whether Axis would end Rick Remender's big overarch that started in Uncanny X-Force. "No," Tom Brevoort said. "I literally had a conversation with Rick for 3 hours earlier this week, and he has a lot more planned."

Spider-Man 2099 #3 and 4 will tie-in to a story "left over from Superior," David teased, and from there will jump right into Spider-Verse.

Credit: Marvel Comics

When is Hawkeye coming back? Brevoort said, "As soon as we're able to get the last few issues completely together. There have been some circumstances that it's not proper for me to talk about here, as far as things going on in the people's lives who work on that book. We're making our way there, we haven't forgotten about it, so have patience with us as much as you can!"

Greg Pak read a lot of older Storm comics as prep-work for the series. "If anyone has advice on a good book about weather patterns, I'd appreciate it," he said in all seriousness. He has actually been researching that to find new ways to use her powers.

Any plans for more New Universe characters besides those in the Avengers books right now? "For the time being, that will be the whole of it, but as of April 2015, anything could happen."

Yes, Miles Morales Spider-Man "Will be represented in the story" in Spider-Verse, but beyond that, Brevoort wouldn't say more. "Miles will also be appearing in All-New X-Men starting with #31," Marts said, and Brevoort feigned shock and surprise.

"Is that 616 Miles Morales or Ultimate Miles Morales?" a fan asked. Marts sighed and said, "I was hoping I wouldn't get that question." Peter David took over and said, "The answer is yes."

The same fan asked for more Hercules and Squirrel Girl. Pak joked, "That's the 2015 Marvel event, Hercules vs. Squirrel Girl" and David said, "I would totally write that," with Kubert joking, "That's why I was brought to Marvel."

When will Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel cross over? "It's gotta happen eventually! We'll just say soon. Sorry that's a cop-out," Marts answered.

Brevoort teased, perhaps jokingly, that "Time Runs Out" might affect Ultimate Universe.

What are the plans for Fantastic Four in 2015? "I'm going to publish it. It will have four characters in it!" Brevoort said definitively. "I presume that James Robinson will write that all the way into the future. At least until Time Runs Out, then anything can happen."

Blade ongoing series? "Anything's possible, he's in Mighty Avengers right now," Brevoort.

Young Avengers are featured in Original Sins right now, but a new ongoing will be something they'll take a "very deliberate approach. We want the right creative team and the right approach," Brevoort said. The characters will show up elsewhere in the meantime.

A fan asked Katie Kubert about her relation to "the famous Kuberts" and what her background is in comics. "Yeah, Joe is my grandfather, and Andy and Adam are my uncles, so I'm a third-generation Kubert in comics! I went to BU, I was an editor at DC editing Harley, Batgirl, Nightwing, Batman Eternal, and others there. I was there for 5 years, and now I'm lucky enough to come over here. It should be amazing, an all-new experience. Um, Uncanny!"

Credit: Marvel Comics

For the duration of Original Sin, both Hulk and Iron Man are on pause during their crossover series. Both books will resume as individual titles. "And there is a secret Kieron Gillen project" pulling him off Iron Man.

Asked about Bendis mentioning Brevoort as a future president of the united states, he said, "Yeah, my campaign slogan is 'In 8 months, Time Runs Out and anything can happen!'"

Pak couldn't answer whether Storm's daughter from the future would be appearing in the series, but they will be introducing some new characters, including a character named Creep. "Callisto will be brought back, she's appearing in issue 2, in a different way. Issue 3, an old love will appear." Storm's daughter is going to appear in X-Men as well.

"I have been told that Jamie Madrox will be making an appearance in an upcoming Marvel comic, but not by me," David said. "Layla will not appear there. I am thinking about doing a check-in with them just so fans don't keep asking me about them!"

He answered a joke question with a joke answer, saying that "Squirrel Girl, Hercules, Creep and Ghost Rider are the new Fantastic Four!"

Brevoort said of Ares, "I recently looked at his death, and he is REALLY dead! Like, EXTREMELY dead! You see all the pieces! But he's the god of War, things can happen. But in terms of guys we put in the ground, we went the extra mile with that one."

After multiple jokes, David continued saying, "Now I really want to do Hercules and Squirrel Girl!"

Any genre you'd like to write that you haven't written yet? "No!" David said. He's written "a western, mysteries, I think I've actually written every genre I'd like to write! I've never written a harlequin romance, but I have no interest in that. So it's no. I guess I have to retire now, thanks for pointing that out!"

"All this talk about "Time Runs Out," you're not rebooting the Marvel Universe are you?" A fan asked. "If I was rebooting the Marvel Universe would I answer that question here? In 8 months time, Time Runs Out and anything can happen," Brevoort replied.

In a roundabout way, Brevoort teased that Sharon Carter is returning from Dimension Z in the pages of Captain America.

Angela's backstory of the angels and the people around her are in-tact and come with her into the Marvel Universe, they just can't talk about "things that start with an S and are dressed in black with a cool, living cape," Brevoort said. Her new status as Thor and Loki's half-sister will be fit in to that original backstory and added in to help make her Marvel appearance make more sense.

Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three starts with Eddie Dean as a 6 year-old, and David said he thinks fans will "really be blown away" by the approach they're taking on the series.

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