Marvel Reveals First AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS Details

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As most suspected, AXIS, the next Marvel Comics event series, will feature the Avengers and the X-Men teaming up to fight Red Skull, who has been empowered with the telepathy of Charles Xavier for the last several months after - in the grossest power grab ever - stealing Xavier’s brain and having parts of it sewn on to his own.

But Red Skull isn’t coming to the party alone, and will have his own team-up, as previously teased, with characters like Loki, Carnage, and Dr. Doom at his side. In a story on ahead of the New York Comic-Con: Special Edition show this coming weekend, new details about the October-debuting series have emerged.

Credit: Marvel Comics

The main series, Avengers & X-Men: AXIS is written by Rick Remender, and lasts three months with nine issues in the run, plus crossover issues in Iron Man, Magneto, Loki: Agent of Asgard, Captain America, and Uncanny Avengers. Executive Editor Tom Brevoort calls the event, “kind of a Michael Bay movie. It's big and spectacular and has a ton of full-out bombast.” However, he says, it won’t be the “all-killer, no-filler” of the previous event tie-in AvX.

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"What we get is a story with a whole lot of heart that focuses on these characters' interpersonal relationships. And, of course, breaking some hearts and ruining some lives,” Brevoort told USAToday.

The nine issues will be split into three 3-issue acts, and will change the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe in “lasting” ways, writer Rick Remender said, though he also calls the changes “natural” and “additive.” The story for the Avengers and X-Men will be “a nice cathartic chapter in [their] history at the worst moment in their lives.”

AXIS does have a double-meaning as well, with a group calling itself by that name, as well as multiple factions of heroes and villains forming throughout the series. In addition to the previously announced eclectic collection of heroes in Storm, Thor, Iron man, Luke Cage, Deadpool, and Medusa of the Inhumans, Marvel confirmed that Havok, Kid Apocalypse (no longer going by Genesis?), and Quentin Quire will be on the side of the angels. Absorbing Man, Hobgoblin, and Sabretooth were similarly added to the villains’ roster.

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