FRANK MILLER: CAPTAIN AMERICA the Superhero He Would 'Most Want To Do'

Frank Miller's Captain America
Credit: Marvel Comics

Frank Miller’s days as a comics creator for the Big Two may seem far behind him, but in an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) Q&A on Reddit earlier this week the New York-based creator make some surprising statements about interest in returning for one specific Marvel hero. When asked about one “superhero or villain” Miller has wanted to write but never had the chance, he touched upon some second-tier DC characters as well as some of Marvel’s biggest characters.

“Sometimes I love minor characters like the Flash or The Atom, he's a hero who gets small, atomic sized, if he wants to. They've all funky powers that serve them well, same way they all run around in their underwear. They've done all the ones I like the best,” Miller reveals. “I love what they've done with Iron Man, I love what they've done with Captain America. Captain America would probably be the one I would most want to do.”

Miller followed up on it with a subsequent asking which “legendary comic hero” he would want do a project with, again naming the Marvel flagbearer.

“Again, I get back to Captain America, because I find him such a wonderful anachronism,” Miller explains. “And also, I feel that he features virtues that my country has either lost or misplaced for a very long time. Especially at a time when the country is so clearly threatened, a hero like that is outstanding. I remember telling people at Marvel, just a few days after 9/11, that I hoped they realized what they had there, because Captain America’s reaction to 9/11 would have been pretty direct.”

Miller has worked on Cap briefly, contributing several covers to Captain America in 1980s and doing two stories for the anthologies Marvel Fanfare and Captain America: Red, White & Blue. Given this quote, presumably Miller might be open to doing a more feature-length Captain America story.

Miller also says he’d be up to return to characters he’s written previously such as Batman and Elektra. The legendary creator goes on to talk about a number of subjects ranging from the adaptation of Sin City to film, his opinions on Superman,, and even talking about his favorite novel and sandwich --- Dashiell Hammett’s Red Harvest and Baloney and Cheese with Mustard, if you were curious.

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