E3 2014: NINTENDO Introduces Toys-to-Life, Open-World ZELDA, More

The first Nintendo amiibo figurine
Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo held a digital press conference for E3 2014 (in lieu of an actual one), and started with some Super Smash bros news. You can use a MiiFighter in the game so “anyone can join the battle.” Your Miis will take on one of three categories - brawler, sword fighter, or gunner. You can choose four special moves from twelve options (for each class), making the characters very customizable. A trailer for the game’s 3DS version, which Nintendo says is “close to completion” showed off advanced customization, new battle and adventure modes, and more. October 3, 2014 for 3DS, Holiday 2014 for WiiU.

Reggie Fils-Aime took the virtual stage to show off a Mario toy which he says is part of a new toys to life product called amiibo. The amiibo toys will be usable in multiple games, just by touching the toy to your WiiU gamepad. Super Smash Bros WiiU will be the first game with these “new ways to play.” While Mario was the only figure Nintendo showed, active avatars of Link and Donkey Kong were shown, implying they’ll be among the first wave of amiibo figures as well.

Yoshi’s Wooly World was the next game highlighted in the Nintendo Digital event. exploration will be a key to the platformer that shares an aesthetic with Kirby’s Epic Yarn. A two player mode, with two Yoshis, was added for co-op puzzles and help exploring the large levels.

Another Mario sidekick is getting his own adventure, with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, a 3D platform adventure game coming Holiday 2014. The small mushroom-capped hero will, at some point, ride a dragon in the game.

The newest Legend of Zelda chapter is a high-definition, fully realized world. Nintendo teased that if you can see it, you can go to it in the game world. A more open land of Hyrule allows for exploration. In a short clip, they revealed a young new look for Link casting off a cloak, jumping off a horse, and firing off a trick arrow. Coming in 2015 to WiiU.

The next pair of Pokemon games got a trailer, before segueing over to the long in-development Bayonetta 2. The hirsute heroine uses epic gun and sword combos, along with magic abilities new and old to defeat gargantuan enemies in the sequel. Bayonetta will ship as a free pack-in for the WiiU game, coming October 2014. The game will have new costumes, including Link and Samus, complete with new abilities.

Hyrule Warriors takes Link and puts him in the Dynasty Warriors style of combat. With hundreds of enemies on screen, you might need some help, and a second player can play fullscreen on the gamepad. There will be “a lot of playable characters,” like Link, Zelda, Impa, Midna, and many more. September 26, 2014 for WiiU.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, an Epic Yarn sequel, is coming in 2015 with new abilities for the platformer.

A science fiction adventure game was featured next, with anime-style graphics, mechs, and epic battles. And it’s Xenoblade Chronicles for 2015.

Mario Maker was announced next, allowing gamers to make their own custom Mario levels using graphics and elements from both Super Mario Bros and New Super Mario Bros U. The game also allows customization of individual objects and elements in the game. Coming in 2015.

Splatoon is a competitive shooter where you play as a squid who can turn into a humanoid. Two teams are competing to cover the world in their particular ink color, rather than just trying to continually kill each other (which you can also do, of course). The game is trying to use the Gamepad and the WiiU’s unique features as much as possible. It’s 4v4, multiplayer only for Splatoon, coming from Nintendo for the WiiU hits shelves in 2015.

Finally came the reveal of Lady Palutena from Kid Icarus as the newest character in the next Super Smash Bros. She came with an anime video that showed Pit and Link fighting (and made the entire world excited that they were getting a Smash Bros anime except we’re not). At the end of the video, Dark Pit came down and Palutena said, “Ah, Dark Pit, came to crash my party?” implying that he’ll also be in the game.

Correction: Newsarama initially reported it was Zelda, not Link as the playable character in the new game, but has confirmed otherwise.

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