E3 2014: Ubisoft Presser: ASSASSIN'S CREED UNITY Details, RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE, Much More

Assassin's Creed Unity poster at E3
Credit: Ubisoft

We will definitely see more of Assassin's Creed Unity and likely some more surprises at Ubisoft's official press briefing at E3 2014!

The press briefing begins at 3pm PDT / 6pm EDT. Until then, check out Twitch's livestream covering some of the games revealed earlier today!

The show started about five minutes early with some "tips to enjoy the Ubisoft Press Conference" as presented by the Raving Rabbids. Things like "Make yourself comfortable" and "An empty bladder is a happy bladder" were noted. The Rabbids received applause for their interstitial, leaving less than five minutes for the proper beginning.

The lights dimmed and the Ubisoft logo came up as a video began for Farcry 4. The scene had people trying to sneak past a border. The shooting started, and quickly turned to the player character. Somehow surviving the encounter, a man who was clearly the boss came up, angry with his minions for shooting at the bus, and stabbed one of the soldiers to death. He embraced the player character, talking to him like nothing had just happened, and takes a selfie with the player, before bagging his head to take him away.

Dan Hay, executive producer of the game took the stage to talk about the November 18, 2014 shipping game. "That was just the first five minutes of the game. After that... you're f***ed." There will be "a major Farcry announcement" later on Monday night.

Aisha Tyler came out to host the presentation. "Ho-lee sh*t," she said about the footage. She said she keeps doing these pressers despite the Internet being "so full of bullsh*t," because she just loves games.

"Today's briefing perfectly encapsulates everything that Ubisoft does so well," Tyler told the audience. "Worlds that just reek of awesome."

Just Dance 2015, the annual update of the dancing game, was the next feature, noting a tracklist featuring Happy by Pharrel, Ellie Goulding, and more. The trailer kicked off with Happy, naturally, while Tyler joked, "I know you're not sick of that song yet!" The game can record YOUR performance, and others can grade it, or can dance to your interpretation on their own.

Jason Altman came out to talk about "Just Dance Now," a new way to play the game. You can use a smartphone with a Tablet, Computer, or Smart TV to show how you play. You download the app, then go to justdancenow.com on your connected device, and you can then play Just Dance with people all over. "There's no limit, from 4 people to 20 people to 2000 people in a concert stadium. Anyone with a smart phone can play." They did a live demo of over 30 players playing directly on the big screen live. You use your smarph phone as the detecting element, and it gives live updates of everyone's progress.

In a now for something completely different moment, the presser switched to Tom Clancy's The Division, presented by producer Petter Mannerfelt. "This year we want to take you on a journey from the New York you know to the New York of The Division." NYC has been lost to chaos due to a virus released on Black Friday. It starts three weeks after the release of the virus, and you're activated to find out how it happened and take back New York.

A video started, with a slightly creepy rendition of "Silent Night" starting, and the standard day to day of New York playing in fast forward. She stops singing and starts crying - it's clear that a child has died, and we see the house fall more quickly into disarray as the whole family falls apart. "We buried ourself in the instinct to survive" the voiceover says, until the surviving member of the family takes his own life.

The desolation of NY spreads next to the streets as we see quarantine zones, garbage, and the streets becoming a literal war zone. The members of The Division take their first stand for a citizen, just as a literal fireteam, a group with flamethrowers trying to contain the infection comes up behind them. The wide shot of NY comes back, now in ruins. Thunderous applause after the trailer. Coming 2015.

The Crew is an open-world driving game with the entirety of the US at your fingertips, no loading as you drive from city to city. Finally, a game where you can spend hours driving amidst the corn fields on I-80 in Iowa! The Massive game has the hashtag #NeverDriveAlone, and Creative Director Julian Gerighty came out to talk about the game. "We've been hard at work to push every facet of the game." There's a two-hour mission that takes you from Miami to New York, to the Rockies, and down to LA. They're new Road Trip challenges. Gerighty said that they have actually made new game modes because of what they saw players doing on their own. Improvised challenges have become real in-game official modes. Closed Beta hits PC on July 23, 2014: www.thecrewgame.com/beta to register. The launch will be November 11, 2014 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Assassin's Creed Unity creative director Alex Amancio took the stage to talk about the newest game in the series, exclusive to new-gen consoles. The game takes place in Paris at the start of the French Revolution. The trademark eagle soars high above the city, through what we now consider monuments and famous locations. Executions and battles are going on across the city, and the four assassins Decend into the fray from the top of a building, taking point in the assault on a fort. The pre-rendered trailer emphasizes teamwork between the assassins in a brotherhood (you can play with up to three friends in live-campaign co-op). October 28th 2014, and the applause for the trailer started with literally about 20 seconds left and came through until Amancio came back.

Arno Dorian is the central assassin of the story. There's a four-player shared experience, but Amancio said they've also "completely rebuilt the basic experience."

A live demo came next. Paris, 1793 - the city looks absolutely enormous - could it be 1:1? The mission: Kill Captain Xavier. We see what they meant by "every aspect of the core experience," as camera angles and free movement seem to be changed and much smoother. As you explore the city, side-missions pop up all over the place, giving you new goals to complete to help the civilians. Solve a muder mystery, catch a thief, kill some crooks - you can engage or just keep moving. Combat seems fairly similar to the last few iterations, with some better fluidity and animations. Scanning the area with Eagle vision, Arno sees a room full of guards on the second floor of a building, walking in and sneaking past them. A live interaction  moment comes up as Arno interrogates someone. A quick look at all the nearby available missions can be overlaide directly onto the screen. Brotherhood Missions, random people you can interact with, and simply throngs of civilians out on the streets, including much more random violence than in previous games - this is a revolution, after all.

His target found, Arno climbs up a building as the Captain moves to a guillotine with intent to kill a civilian despite the cries of the crowd of hundreds. There are so many NPCs on the screen at once! The first prisoner is killed, and Arno does an aerial assassination of the captain. His three (player controlled) assassin brothers stand beside him and the demo ends. Crazy applause.

Next up was Shape Up, a new fitness game. Charles Huteau the creative director of the game came out on stage and said, "Fitness is boring. It's boring to do and boring to watch." The game, exclusive to Xbox One this November, has the tagline "Stay fit, Stay fun."

"We took the key fitness moves that make a good workout and made them keys to a game."

The first challenge shown is called "Piano Step." The game records every performance, and can be sent to friends, or you can go head-to-head against yourself. This cardio game has you basically playing Guitar Hero, but by stepping onto the keys of a piano. It's DDR and GH combined. A techno dance version of "Eye of the Tiger" was featured for the demo.

"That was super fun and a little weird to watch," Tyler said to laughs. A live challenge between an employee from Ubisoft US and an employee from Ubisoft France was next. The challenge was "Push Them Up," where the more push-ups you do, the bigger the object on your back is. It's pretty funny watching someone do pushups with a whale on their back.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War comes on the UbiArt Framework, showing four characters and their canine companion going through World War One. A trailer played, explaining that the stories in the game are inspired by actual letters written by soldiers who were in World War One. Very artful and somber. Hitting June 25, 2014.

To close things out, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot came to the stage. "First, I would like to say thank you to all the fans," the co-founder said. "We really depend on you and we love you very much."

Guillemot then said he wanted to show us one more game, the lights dimmed once more, and "pre-alpha footage from a multiplayer match" came up on the big screen. The players start chatting as a drone explores the enemy stronghold - a suburban house. The enemy team is barricading the windows and doors. They're in a Boston Suburb. Three possible lines of entry are given, and the team votes on which to take. It's 5v5 for the match. The goal now is to extract the hostage - as the good guys are attacked throw a wall. A live display of who is left sits at the top of the screen. The enemies retook the hostage and took out one of the good guys. Another gets taken out via a sniper outside the house. A timer counts down throughout. The environment is truly completely destructible. need a better way into a room?  Blow your way in.

That's Rainbow Six: Siege, and it's coming in 2015.

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