DEADPOOL BI-ANNUAL Goes Animal Style with Paul Scheer & Nick Giovannetti

Deadpool Bi-Annual #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

Deadpool has fought animals and cyborgs – but has ever fought cyborg animals? He will this fall in the unique Deadpool Bi-Annual one-shot as he finds himself in a theme park showdown against nearly-forgotten 1990s failed Marvel toyetic comic, Brute Force. That’s right, Brute Force, the 1990 comic miniseries created by Simon Furman featuring animals like a kangaroo, a lion, a bear, a dolphin and a bird – all in cybernetic suits. Sounds right up Wade Wilson’s alley.

Writing this one-shot is comedian/actor Paul Scheer and writer Nick Giovannetti. Scheer is best known for his work on The League and NTF: SD: SUV, and with Giovannetti they created the recent Aliens Vs. Parker series for BOOM! Studios. For their Marvel debut here, Marvel has partnered the comedic duo with veteran Deadpool artist Salva Espin, and they’re putting Wade Wilson at a water park and at odds with one of the most odd, and oddly memorable, Marvel creations.

Deadpool Bi-Annual #1
Deadpool Bi-Annual #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

Newsarama: Paul, Nick, my first question is an obvious one – how the heck did you guys get the go-ahead to bring back Brute Force and against Deadpool?

Paul Scheer: Gerry Duggan was an amazing help and resource with our 1st book, BOOM! Studios’ Aliens Vs. Parker, and he suggested us to Jordan as two guys who like to write about scientifically engineered assassins and animals. So it was a perfect fit. Also, Joe Quesada lost a bet.

Nick Giovannetti: I believe Jordan has some compromising photos of Stan Lee which got Marvel to open up the vault and bring Brute Force back.

Nrama: For those that didn’t read Brute Force when it came out in 1990, how would you describe these cybernetic animals in terms people can understand?

Giovannetti: They’re talking animals in robot suits. A lame 90s toy line that never happened. They’re incredibly silly, which we saw as a strength. We embraced the fun of these characters and tried to flesh them out more. Make them more contemporary. In the original series they were pretty straight forward and kinda dull. They didn’t feel like Marvel characters to me. They didn’t have the strong characterization we’ve come to expect as Marvel fans. I feel like we fixed that, and hope everyone will grow to love them as much as we have. I’ll consider this a win if it takes less than 25 years for Brute Force to appear again.

Scheer: I’d say that sums it up perfectly but if you want it more succinctly, it’s like Animal G.I. Joe or a more kick-ass version of Pound Puppies.

Nrama: All this talk about Brute Force and we haven’t touched on the book’s titular star, Deadpool. How does Deadpool get involved with Brute Force?

Giovannetti: Deadpool is providing security for a marine mammal park called WaterWorld, that is not at all based on any real-life marine park.

Scheer: It’s temporary, a “money gig”. He’s gotta pay the bills.

Giovannetti: Exactly, and Brute Force is trying to liberate the park’s animals.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Scheer: And DP finds out that WaterWorld isn’t really the happiest place on earth after all.

Nrama: I have to ask: this theme park, WaterWorld. Is this a tongue-in-cheek joke to the 1990s movie of the same name?

Giovannetti: It was the only thing that cleared legal that still made sense. Draft Day and Tin Cup were cleared as well, but they don’t really work as for names water-based theme parks.

Scheer: And let’s be realistic, hasn’t that film taken enough abuse? We’re taking the name back!

Nrama: Understood. We’ve seen Deadpool do some deadly things to animals before and I don’t think he’s a member of PETA, but what does the Merc with a Mouth think about Brute Force when they show up?

Giovannetti: He loves them. How do you not love a bear that drives around in a bear-shaped vehicle? Unfortunately for Brute Force, he doesn’t get paid to love.

Scheer: Yeah, if you want to see an Eagle do a face-palm with his wing, then chances are this book is for you.

Nrama: Of all the Brute Force members, which do each of you find the most in common with – which one is your cybernetic spirit animal?

Giovannetti: I’d say Boomer (the kangaroo) because he’s the smart ass of the group, but my power animal would have to be Bear (the bear) because he’s a big, dumb, powerful animal like me.

Scheer: Hmm, great question, but I’ll leave this as a fill in the blank for you readers….I really mentally identify with_____ because he’s really _____ but normally I’m more of a _____ but I’d like to be ____

Nrama: This is your first work at Marvel for the two of you, but you’ve done comics before with the aforementioned Aliens vs. Parker. Could you two see yourself doing more work for Marvel, and if so, which characters pique your interest the most?

Giovannetti: We’d love to do it again, if they’d have us. As for what piques my interest I’d say any character that’s funny, which is most of the Marvel Universe.

Scheer: Yeah, the Marvel world is the best sandbox out there. I’d like to just do a miniseries called Coulson. Tonally it would be like that old sitcom Charles in Charge. Let’s say Coulson’s sister dies and now he has to start raising a trio of teenage girls.

Giovannetti: “Yes, please,” to a stand-alone Coulson book!

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