Adobe-ADI Predicts GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Will Be a Blockbuster, New TV Spot

Ronan the Accuser in Guardians of the Galaxy
Credit: Marvel Studios

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Goes Gangbusters With Licensors

Although the Guardians of the Galaxy aren’t nearly as well-known as its Marvel colleagues in the Avengers, that doesn’t mean licensing manufacturers don’t think they have the same potential. In a glowing article by Variety’s Marc Graser, it’s revealed that “more than 50” licensee manufacturers of toys, shirts, and other merchandise have signed on to do tie-in products – including Hasbro and Lego. According to Graser, it’s mainly because of the overall strength as a brand Marvel has created with their movie franchise with a combined $2.4 billion worldwide box office.

“It is always exciting to launch something new in consumer products, as we did with ‘Iron Man’ in 2008,” Variety was told by Paul Gitter, senior VP of licensing for Marvel at Disney Consumer Products. “By showcasing what is unique about this amazing new film we are able to develop a third Marvel franchise that can be at retail alongside our powerhouse franchises of The Avengers and Spider-Man. Continuing to diversify the Marvel offerings for consumers is a key strategy of ours.”

Graser does point out the potential challenge with the off-beat nature of Guardians of the Galaxy, but says that facets like the anthromorphic raccoon Rocket and Star-Lord’s throwback sensibilities to the 1980s hit some key sweet spots for merchandising. Variety reports that in April sold out of a line of Guardians of the Galaxyaction figuresHasbro produced within three days of its release, stating that the figures had the best pre-order number for toys the retailer has ever had. It’s also noted that big box retailers like Walmart and Target has plans to give the movie’s merchandise “prime placement”.


Perhaps betting on the Guardians isn’t such a gamble after all, because…

Adobe’s Movie Metrics Says GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Will Be a “Blockbuster”

The tech company Adobe might be best known for its digital editing software, but it’s jumping into the movie forecasting industry – and already has a great track record. Thursday, Adobe announced its predictions for the winners and losers in the upcoming 2014 movie box office, and names Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy as one of five of the “season’s blockbuster hits” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

These movie predictions are based on what’s dubbed the Adobe Digital Index, or ADI, which tabulates the number of times a movie trailer is viewed along with its social media buzz in the two month period ahead of its opening and speculates if the movie will exceed, match or fall short of its stated budget. In 2013, Adobe’s ADI successfully predicted the lackluster performance of Ender’s Game, Delivery Man and 47 Ronin.

For summer 2014, Adobe says that the big winners alongside Guardians of the Galaxywill be How To Train Your Dragon 2, Transformers 4, The Fault in our Stars and Purge 2. On the negative side of the sheet according to the ADI metric is Edge of Tomorrow, Hercules, and Expendables 3.

Finally, on the GotG front…

Thanos’ Role (and Screen time) in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Begins To Emerge

Thanos only appeared for a few mere seconds in The Avengers, but for many he was the most talked about character in the movie. And now with news out that Josh Brolin has been cast to play the Mad Titan in Marvel’s upcoming films, Vulture has been told that Brolin-as-Thanos will appear early on in Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanks to an unnamed source, Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan says that Thanos will appear in the first act of the film via hologram – similar to the Emperor’s first appearance in Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. That won’t be all, however, as Thanos will appear in person in a scene with Ronan the Accuser (played by Lee Pace) and Nebula (played by Karen Gillan). Vulture goes on to state that another Infinity Stone will be in Guardian of the Galaxy, but does not specify which it would be.

And after all that warm-up, here's a new Guardians of the Galaxy TV spot featuring a few new images, sequences and spots of dialogue.

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