Stephen Amell's ARROW Workout Will Make You Believe He's a Superhero

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Credit: DC Comics

Sure, it's one thing to see someone pull off spectacular superheroic moves in a finished scene that's been choreographed, edited, and put through post production. But what if an actor who plays a superhero could do all that as his regular workout?

Well, Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen on Arrow, posted this video yesterday of his first workout as prep for Season 3 of the series, which starts filming in just about a month. Does it have anything to do with the show directly? No, no it doesn't. Is it an impressive piece of work to watch and make you feel guilty for that extra bite of chocolate cake last night when you're about a week behind on your workouts? Okay, maybe that part got a little personal. Check it out below, and we'll see you at the gym.


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