Flaming Carrot HC Collected Edition Released This Week

Flaming Carrot HC Arrives This Week

Flaming Carot Comics Collected Edition #1
Flaming Carot Comics Collected Edition #1
Flaming Carot Comics Collected Edition #1

The initial signed and numbered Hard Back version of the Flaming Carrot collected volumes comes out this week, just in time for the New York Comic Con, which author Bob Burden (Flaming Carrot, Mysterymen, Gumby) is planning on attending. This is Burden’s first appearance in New York since the 80’s, and the new book is his first publishing effort since the Gumby series, which was nominated, (along with Flaming Carrot) for four Eisners in 2007, wining two of them.

The edition of 850 has an added 8-page story, done especially for the hardback that features the first appearance of a new series, and never before seen characters. “This was a sort of incentive to help this book to sell through.” Said Burden who is not only the artist but the publisher. “It’s the first book in the series of 6 and we want to get it off to a good start. Usually I like to do something special for a limited item. I was thinking about 5 pages with a couple of sketches and unused covers. But when the Diamond orders came in so high, I just had to do something really special. Now I had so much fun with this that I’m planning on doing a new added feature in all the volumes.”

This will be the first appearance anywhere of The Legion Of Danger, a masked wrestler project set in 1966. “So, if the Legion Of Danger ever gets going as a comic book or movie, this Flaming Carrot hard back will be the Detective 27 or Amazing Fantasy 15 of the series.”

The alpha version Legion Of Danger website goes up this week: givemedanger.com. Coming from Burden, who created The Mysterymen, (Mr. Furious, the Shovelor and Invisible Boy who’s only invisible when no one’s looking) the characters are as colorful, odd and fanciful as ever: The Nocturne, Dr. Torpedo, The Candy Colored Clown, The Libertine, El Squid, The Drifter and Stone Fox (a sexy female wrestler who can turn granite hard at will and fall on you) to name a few.

Under the direction of the President himself, the ring champs find themselves fighting gangsters, monsters, saucermen, zombies, ghosts, amazons, mummies, Commies, dancing skeletons, even a few Canadians, and a league of evil wrestlers called The Dark Alliance. They also drive sports cars, fly F86 Saber Jets and pack automatic pistols. The project has a real 60’s sort of OUR MAN FLINT tone and is set in the United States, rather than Mexico, though Burden hopes the appeal will be pan-continental. “I wanted to do a project that would have and appeal not only to our sizable Hispanic population but also English speaking kids, and adults. A sort of Indiana Jones for the Americas. The game and ancillary potential was a big hit when we pitched the project as a TV series last summer in my LA meetings after San Diego.”

“This is an actual 8-page story, an adventure, not just a few character sketches and story lines. The decision to add this particular story in was made at the last minute, and adding the new Legion Of Danger signature delayed the book a little, but it is one of my favorite projects. I actually wanted to have the book in stores before Christmas but this makes it little more special. This volume features all the material from Dark Horse’s original Flaming Carrot, Man Of Mystery, (Flaming Carrot #1-3, a number of short stories and exclusive added 8 page Flaming Carrot story done for that edition) but also the Legion Of Danger episode. ”

“The new book is pretty much sold out, but I’ll bring some of the copies that I put back to sell at shows and over the website to New York. I was surprised at out Diamond orders, especially since we didn’t advertise or promote it really, but appears that there was truly a need for the book and a desire in the marketplace. The first and second volumes have been out of print from Dark Horse since the late 90s, (a situation which for the last 5 years has remained a mystery to me). But I just checked Amazon, when a friend hipped me to that fact that that the #1 Flaming Carrot soft-cover is selling for $35 to $80 in good to VG condition and $99 to $223 for like new.”

Visit givemedanger.com and flamingcarrot.com for more info.

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