Must Watch: BLUR STUDIO Shows Off With Supercut of THOR, STAR WARS, BATMAN, LOTR, and More

Credit: Blur Studio

If you've taken in just about any form of geek entertainment, especially video games, in the last ten years or so, then you've seen Blur Studio's work. The CGI film factory has made high-quality opening (and closing) scenes for some of your favorite games, as well as trailers and even the entire opening sequence for Thor: The Dark World (yes, that was all CGI). This new highlight reel of their work has surfaced, and it's basically a master class in why Blur Studio is who you call when you need CGI done right. Check out lightsaber duels from Star Wars: The Old Republic and The Force Unleashed, see a young Bruce Wayne and a leaping Batman from the Batman: Arkham series, watch Superman unleashed from DCU Online, Wizards battling in Lord of the Rings and much more, all in one epic video.

Animation Reel from Blur Studio on Vimeo.

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