Man-Ape, Amazon Fury, & Red and Yellow Lanterns: Comic Book MMO Updates

Marvel Heroes 2015 Teaser Images
Credit: Gazillion Entertainment

Marvel Heroes

Details about the announcements made in anticipation of Marvel Heroes' first anniversary can be found here.

Ready to play now however is the first of the 'One-Shot' expansions: a mission to save the African Kingdom of Wakanda. Black Panther foe Man-Ape is attempting to overthrow the African kingdom’s superheroic sovereign by seizing one of Wakanda’s invaluable vibranium mines and using the wonder metal to create deadly new weapons. Man-Ape has, perhaps wisely, decided not to take on Wakanda and the Marvel Heroes roster alone and is joined in villainy by frequent Fantastic Four foe The Wizard and Spider-Slayer scientist Spencer Smythe, while the Black Panther’s Dora Milaje aid your fight to stop them.

In costume news, out now are Captain America's Strike Team suit from the Captain America: The Winter Solider movie, Fear Itself themed costumes for Black Widow, Dr. Strange and Wolverine, a one eyed & one-armed Old Thor, X-Force Nightcrawler, a fur-bedecked Loki from the Siege storyline, an Armored Hulk from the recent Indestructible Hulk series, Battle of the Atom Deadpool and finally Marvel Now! Moon Knight, which splits the difference between his first to costumes and is a mix of black and white.

Infinite Crisis

It's Infinite Crisis' turn to bring out the bad guys as a pair of villainous ring bearers join the MOBA action.

The leader of the only Ring Corps that bears a proper name, Sinestro is all about relentless attack. Even his default passive ability, which tags foes with the 'Yellow Impurity' will magnify the effects of Sinestro's attacks. His two yellow construct based special attacks include a single-target direct damage saw blade that can be buffed by his passive and a cone-shaped area scythe attack that can mute if the target is debuffed. His dash attack special gets an instant cool down if it kills an enemy player, but regardless, it's power is enhanced if the target is debuffed. His ultimate summons Parallax as a single target attack that also stuns and drives AI allies away in fear. Missing with Parallax still creates an AOE damage and fear effect. Both variations also apply the debuff in a range.

Atrocitus, one of the handful of survivors of a massacre on a cosmic scale, took his anger and made himself the blood-spitting embodiment of rage: the first Red Lantern. In fact, he's so mad that he's got a unique power meter that replaces the mana-like Will that fuels the attacks of all the other player characters. In it's place is a Rage meter which builds as he attacks or is attacked and adds a splash damage effect to his basic attacks. All of his special skills have no cost (only a cooldown), but if his Rage meter is half full, they will be buffed with an extra effect that will consume half his total possible Rage. His first special, the melee Crimson Slash damages and slows. If buffed by Rage, it's effect will splash to nearby foes. His taunt special will attract AI drones and increase his defense, buffed it will increase his basic attack's splash damage proc rate. His Overwhelming Rage attack draws himself and one enemy towards each other. Buffed, the enemies then are forced to trade blows at close range. Atrocitus' ultimate attack is his trademark burning blood spit that both damages and debuffs in a cone in front of him.

DC Universe Online

The next story chapter to the DCUO saga, Amazon Fury Part I is now on sale to the general public. Already on-line is the new Weapon Mastery system, allowing players to become proficient with multiple weapon types.

The annual nature-themed Spring Event is also underway. Poison Ivy is after Swamp Thing and has enlisted Wonder Woman foe Veronica Cale to help her. Villains will aid in this effect while heroes will get Swamp Thing's back with the help of S.T.A.R. Lab's Sarah Charles. The event will allow players to earn new feats and rewards like Leafmail armor.

In significant meta-game news, the host of DCUO, Sony Online Entertainment, has announced that they are combining the individual subscription plans for their non-FTP MMOs into one All-Access plan, starting at ~$15/month, which will offer not only access to all of these games (including not just DCUO but Dragon's Prophet, both EverQuests, the upcoming EverQuest Next, the newly announced zombie-themed MMO H1Z1, PlanetSide 2 for PC and Vanguard) but bonus SOE Station Cash and a discount at the in-game store.

Learn more about this complicated system here.

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