Word Balloon: Jen Van Meter

Hamner on Black Lightning: Year One

Black Lightning Year One

On this edition of the Word Balloon Podcast, we speak with writer Jen Van Meter. Currently in the DC Comics bi-weekly miniseries Black Lightning Year One, Van Meter and artist Cully Hamner are fleshing out the early career of the Suicide Slum hero. Black Lightning debuted in April 1977, created by Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eden.

Jen goes behind the scenes,discussing how she has connected the dots of Jefferson Pierce's complicated continuity. How did the street fighter of the 1970's become the button down family man and husband seen in today's stories. We discuss her collaboration with Hamner, and her writing process for the project, including layered insight in Jeff's home life.

Van Meter also gives us some updates on her creator owned series from Oni Press, including a new Hopeless Savages story.

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