Who is the Man, Who's Coming Back to Print in Prose and Comics? SHAFT!

Shaft's Carnival of Killers
Credit: Dynamite / Bantam

Shaft is back. Yes, the ultimate in blaxploitation is returning to the world of print, where he first came from, thanks to Dynamite Entertainment. The comic book publisher will dip its toes further into the world of prose with reprints of the seven original Shaft novels by writer Ernest Tidyma, as well as creating all-new prose and comics featuring the character.

"John Shaft is an American Icon, with feature films starring Richard Roundtree and Samuel L. Jackson. Shaft has resonated in popular culture because he's such a cool, compelling character. We couldn't be more happy that we're getting a chance to tell new stories in multiple mediums, with all new prose in addition to Original Graphic Novels, and create a publishing program that will bring Shaft back to the forefront of pop culture, where he belongs!" said Nick Barrucci, CEO/Publisher of Dynamite in a press release.

The following books will see republication first, with plans for future work coming soon.

Shaft (1970)
Shaft Among the Jews (1972)
Shaft's Big Score (1972)
Shaft Has a Ball (1973)
Goodbye, Mr. Shaft (1973)
Shaft's Carnival of Killers (1974)
The Last Shaft (1975)

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