Batman Loses in ARKHAM KNIGHT Gameplay Trailer, SHADOW OF MORDOR Cast, HULK Parks

Batman: Arkham Knight
Credit: Rocksteady / WBIE

Look, Batman’s not really going to lose in his own game… although we will note that this is the final game by Rocksteady Studios and purports to definitively end their trilogy story (with the side note of WB Montreal’s Origins prequel, of course), so the stakes are a little bit higher than normal.

But yeah, the ominous shot taken in this early gameplay trailer (yes, this is gameplay) probably shouldn’t be taken to heart. What should be, however, is the brutality present from both the titular villain Arkham Knight as well as from Batman, the heavily featured presence of Barbara Gordon as Oracle, and the sheer scope of this new-gen-system-only game coming this fall… oh yeah, and the newly drivable Batmobile in action! Check out the trailer below.

Out of the Shadows (of Mordor) - Gameplay!

Of course, that’s not the only WBIE game with a recently released gameplay trailer. In this reveal of the “Weapons and Runes” of Shadow of Mordor, the all-new game set in the Lord of the Rings universe, fans can catch a look at the… um… you know, this one kinda explains itself, doesn’t it?

And as a bonus, here’s a second trailer, and the announcements of the voice talents involved in the game, including the ubiquitous Troy Baker and Nolan North, Laura Bailey, Alistair Duncan, and Liam O’Brien as Gollum.

Get Interactive with Marvel Super Heroes and Disney Infinity

If a little family fun is more your speed, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Avengers Play Set has a new trailer, giving a little more detailed looks at the various Avengers characters whose collectible figures will come to life in the game. The trailer features the movie Avengers line-up, and shows Hulk’s creative parking techniques for laughs.

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