IDW's ROT & RUIN Brings 'Novel' Concept of Zombies and Teens to Comics

Credit: IDW
Credit: IDW

IDW Publishing’s newest comic book comes from the work and wold of Jonathan Maberry’s novels that explore zombies in a horrific way.

Rot & Ruin, coming in September 2014, is a new ongoing comic book series that will be partially adaptation, partially new stories featuring a character named Benny Imura and his friends Nix, Lilah, and Chong - a group of kids who are trying to survive fifteen years into the zombie apocalypse. The unique setting of over a decade having past and the kids, who have grown up in this world, being the main characters is touted by IDW in a press release.

”This all-new series is set in a world fifteen years after the dead have risen and vastly outnumber the survivors of the zombie-apocalypse. In the aftermath, humanity has found a way to live a marginal existence by forming fenced-in towns where everyone has a job to do in order to survive. As in the award-winning novels, the comic series will center on Benny Imura and his friends as they make their way in a world where the zombies aren’t always the greatest danger.”

Jonathan Maberry, the original novelist of the series, will write, with art by Tony Vargas and colorist Oliver Lee. Maberry says the series is about “real kids making hard choices about their lives” that just so happens to include zombies and an all-but-dead world.

The Rot & Ruin novels have won multiple awards, and the series is also being developed for a film adaptation.

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