Wright's ANT-MAN Departure Reportedly Over Script Re-Writes

Edgar Wright and Kevin Feige at Comic-Con International: San Diego
Credit: Marvel Studios

When news broke on May 23 that Ant-Man writer/director Edgar Wright was leaving the project just two months before filming was set to begin, fans and industry observers alike were left with more questions than answers. But according to an article by The Hollywood Reporter's Kim Masters and Borys Kit Wednesday, Wright's exit was due to Marvel Studios' head Kevin Feige bringing in outside screenwriters to revise Wright and co-writer Joe Cornish's final script just weeks before filming was scheduled to begin on June 2. After receiving the rewritten script on May 19, Wright reportedly quit the project.

"Kevin Feige [and his top lieutenants] run Marvel with a singularity of vision, but when you take a true auteur and throw him into the mix, this is what you get," says an unnamed source in THR's article. "They don't want you to speak up too much or have too much vision. People who have never worked there don't understand how they operate, but if you trust them, they have an amazing track record."

Edgar Wright and Kevin Feige at Comic-Con International: San Diego
Edgar Wright and Kevin Feige at Comic-Con International: San Diego

THR goes on to report that while Friday's joint press release from Marvel and Wright state that a replacement director will be announced shortly, no director has been finalized and says Marvel "will have a hard time" to bring the project back together and hit the announced July 17, 2015 release date. Furthermore, the report says many of the film's "key crew" left the project over the shooting delays while actor Paul Rudd's representatives says he's remaining on the project.

Although Ant-Man isn't scheduled to be released until July 17, 2015, the project -- and Wright's involvement -- was one of the earliest announced projects under the Marvel Studios' umbrella. Originally announced in 2006, Ant-Man was delayed both to fit within Marvel's larger plans for their movie franchise as well as for the writer/director to film last year's The World's End.

In 2013 Feigi told MTV that "the only reason we're making [Ant-Man]" was because of Wright's plans for the film, and although Wright has abandoned the project as director it's presumed Marvel would still use Wright and Cornish's script as the basis for the film -- similiar to Fox using Matthew Vaughn's script for X-Men: Days of Future Past even after that director's exit.

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