ORIGINAL SIN Insider: Axel Alonso Promises An "Oh S---!" Moment In #3 (SPOILERS)

Pages from Original Sin #3
Credit: Marvel
Credit: Marvel Comics

This week's Original Sin #2 began to answer some of the questions brought up in Original Sin #1, but even those answers just bring more questions.  Newsarama spoke with Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso earlier today about the issue, as well as what comes next.

SPOILERS From Here On Out for Original Sin #2!

In Original Sin #2 we learned the identity of the two shadowy figures from the end of the debut issue, and even a third accomplice we didn't even know about. The original duo are the Orb and Exterminatrix, and joining with them is Marvel Boy adversary Doctor Midas -- Exterminatrix's father. They are in possession of one of the eyes of the Watcher, but the second eye has yet to show up on the scene or on the page. Meanwhile, the Punisher and Doctor Strange continue their investigation by traveling to another dimension, where they find a glowing green bullet -- seemingly made out of the same glowing material Black Widow found in the wound of the Watcher back in the first issue.

But like we said, the answers in Original Sin #2 only bring about more questions -- and some revelations this week such as the covers to the final two issues of Original Sin as well as Kieron Gillen's departure from Iron Man (and it's apparent hiatus) leave us with questions we present straight to the top of Marvel Comics, Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso. Newsarama spoke with Alonso by phone earlier today about the issue, as well as the ramifications it has for future issues of Original Sin as well as the recently revealed Axis event and the "Time Runs Out" crossover mentioned at the Diamond Retail Summit last weekend.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Newsarama: Axel, Original Sin #2 is on stands now and readers are beginning to get some answers to the questions brought up in the first issue. The final page gave us a reveal of the possessor of one of the Watcher's eyes, but leaving it at a cliffhanger for what comes next. What can readers look forward to next in regards to Marvel’s Original Sin #3?

Axel Alonso: Original Sin #2 drives the story forward – it’s full or surprises and action and pyrotechnics, but it’s early on in Original Sin #3 that brings the “oh $#!#!” moment that tees up all the Original Sin tie-ins. 

Original Sin is different from any event we’ve done before, and its far less intrusive to the monthly series. Usually, an event tie-in shows the hero dealing with a problem that affects the entire Marvel Universe, be it a Skrull invasion, the imminent arrival of the Phoenix Force, or what have you. All of these Original Sin tie-ins focus on a very personal problem for the title character that turns their life upside down. Each tie-in is clearly its own story, whether it’s Deadpool, All-New Invaders, Nova or the “Hulk vs. Iron Man” issues of Original Sin #3.1 through #3.4.

Nrama: Another thing which has made this event unique is its bi-weekly shipping schedule. Marvel’s done weekly books before and some quicker than once a month, but can you talk about Original Sin coming out every other week like it is now?

Alonso: With Avengers Vs. X-Men, we learned that the rapid shipping frequency contributed to the experience…like riding a roller coaster. Original Sin has a frenetic pace, and the bi-weekly shipping schedule means readers won’t have to wait too long to see the next chapter. Also, the Original Sin tie-ins in off-weeks will help readers stay in the story.

Pages from Original Sin #3
Pages from Original Sin #3
Credit: Marvel

Nrama: In Original Sin #2 we got a couple big reveals – the two shadowy people with one of the Watcher’s eyes is Exterminatrix and the Orb, and a little investigating work turned up that the Thing-looking guy with the Orb is Exterminatrix’s father, Doctor Midas, both from the early 2000s Marvel Boy series. Jason Aaron has long had a fascination for the Orb, so can you talk about bringing him back – and the father/daughter team of Doctor Midas and Exterminatrix?

Alonso: All I can say is that Jason handpicked each member of the cast; they’re all there for a reason. Original Sin is a murder mystery, so the first question was, ‘Who is best qualified to investigate this murder?’ That’s how characters like Ant-Man, Winter Soldier, Nick Fury, Doctor Strange, and even the Punisher got into the mix. Jason thought each of them had the right personality and skillset to be a real contributor to the event. 

That’s true of the villains, too. Like you said, the Orb is a favorite, and the fact the he has a big eye for a head probably factored into Jason’s decision to use him. 

Nrama: The Orb is shown holding an eye from the Watcher, but all he has is one. Is the location and possession of the second one something for readers to keep their eyes, pardon the pun, out for?

Alonso: They definitely should. There are two eyes out there.

Nrama: One of sub-teams we saw form in #1 but didn’t show up in #2 is Moon Knight, Winter Soldier, and Gamora. They’re featured on the cover for #3, so how would you describe their part in this murder mystery?

Alonso: I’ll reiterate that they were all chosen for an important reason, especially the investigators: Ant-Man, Gamora, Moon Knight, Punisher, Nick Fury, Winter Soldier, Dr. Strange, Black Panther. I can say that two characters play a huge role in Original Sin #3 – they are involved in a key scene in #3 that’ll have readers buzzing.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: Earlier this week Marvel released the solicitations for August’s books, including the final two issues of Original Sin. I know we’re months away, but I can’t go without asking you about that obscured soldier figure on #7’s cover. There’s been some speculation of who it might be – can you give us any clues?

Alonso: It’s not Howard the Duck (Or is it--!?)

Nrama: I’ll let you keep that secret for now, but one secret that is out in the open is Captain America finding out he was mind-wiped by the Illuminati. We saw that in last week’s Avengers #29, but that looks like a story that’s far from over. Could we be heading to a second hero versus hero Civil War type scenario?

Alonso: At least one of these Original Sin secrets is going to start a war. It’s going to be a game-changer that will profoundly affect the relationship and fates of two big Marvel characters, and directly affect what we publish – or don’t publish – the following month. 

Nrama: Another interesting one teased coming up is Deadpool and family issues, including the reveal that he has a daughter. You edited Deadpool for years, and even though you’re more “big picture” now at Marvel can you give us your vantage point on giving Deadpool a child?

Alonso: That’s only part of Deadpool’s original sin. Wade’s “sin” is bigger than what we’ve teased. It’s something that’s going to knock people back on their heels.

Pages from Original Sin #3
Pages from Original Sin #3
Credit: Marvel

Nrama: At the Las Vegas Diamond Retail Summit last week Marvel showed a slide dubbed “Time Runs Out” talking about a crossover between Avengers and New Avengers. We know Marvel sometimes tees up future events in current events, so does that have any direct ties to Original Sin?

Alonso: There aren’t any seeds to that story in Original Sin directly, it’s something separate. But eagle-eyed readers of Avengers and New Avengers will have plenty of clues to work with. Look for more information in the coming weeks.

Nrama: Can you say anything about “Time Runs Out” in itself, even though it’s months – if not a year away

Alonso: That’s something we’re going to talk about down the road.

Nrama: And the other big event coming up is Axis. Same question, on this – does Axis get started in any direct way by Original Sin?

Alonso: Axis has its own inciting incident. Rick Remender has been planning this for some time, and it’s big. I’ll say this – the last time we did an event featuring the Avengers and the X-Men, it was the talk of the town.

Pages from Original Sin #3
Pages from Original Sin #3
Credit: Marvel

Nrama: Earlier this week Kieron Gillen would be leaving the Iron Man title with June’s issues, and currently there’s no Iron Man titles announced for July and August. Can you say anything about that?

Alonso: Pay close attention to Original Sin and the Original Sin tie-in, “Hulk vs. Iron Man.”

Nrama: Transitioning from flagship characters not appearing on shelves to some new faces possibly in coming months for our last question, in our previous interview you talked about several new series that would spring out of Original Sin. You’ve already confirmed Deathlok – can you put a name or a hint to any further ones you and the Marvel crew have planned?

Alonso: I’d say look very clearly at Original Sin and its tie-ins. Who do we seem to be teeing up for big things?

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