First Look: Marvel's Fall 2014 Event - AXIS

Marvel's AXIS
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

[Updated 10:35 to reflect corrected release date - Fall, 2014, not September 2014 as originally reported - and the correct artist of the Previews cover/teaser image - Jim Cheung]

As teased last month at C2E2 , Marvel's next big event is another Avengers/X-Men-centric affair called AXIS by writer Rick Remender.

As opposed to the Avengers vs. the X-Men, this one apparently is being billed as the Avengers and the X-Men. Perhaps teaming up against an Avengers-X-Men 'Acts of Vengeance'-ish supervillain  'Axis of Evil'?

Launching in the Fall of 2014, the first real image from the series (drawn by Jim Cheung) besides the earlier teaser logo graces the cover to Diamond's June Previews (for products mostly going on sale in August 2014).

Why? Because Marvel has it's own Diamond Previews catalog and Marvel only gets a cover to the main Diamond Previews catalog a couple of times a year, so it looks like they got an August cover and decided to promote AXIS on it over any August-shipping title.

So with that inside baseball stuff aside, here's your first look at an image from the Fall-launching event. Marvel tells us Wednesday morning more info will be released as a later date.

Credit: Marvel Comics/Diamond Comic Distributors
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