More FULL Lenticular September 2014 FUTURES END Event Week 1 & 2 Covers

Futures End Event non-gif Week 2 covers

Updated May 30: DC Has been updating this week with more full lenticular covers from their September line-wide event Futures End. All but one of the first two weeks of covers are now available to be seen in their animated .gif form. Check out the new additions in this galley and go here to view all the creative teams an solicitations and here to see the early non-lenticular versions of the weeks 3 & 4 covers.

Original story: DC is showing a lot more of their plans for their September line-wide event Futures End, including the creative teams and the first two weeks of  covers.

Meanwhile, head over to our article running down the creative teams for all 41 of the books participating in DC's Futures End event in September, including surprise writers for Action Comics, Superman, Wonder Woman and more!

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