ARROW Star and Producer Tease Season Finale Fans 'Cannot Guess'

Scene from Arrow season 2 finale
Credit: The CW

It’s season finale time for Arrow tonight, and that means Stephen Amell has one last tease for viewers before the episode hits The CW. Speaking with THR, Amell says there are actually two major battles in the last episode, with the one in the middle of the episode being “logistically the biggest fight in the history of the show.” We’ll see a climax that simultaneously jumps back and forth between past and present, showing a major showdown between Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson, as well.

”People are waiting for Oliver and Slade to fight. Period. Just the two of them. That’s what we get in the finale. It’s awesome,” the actor says.

The first battle will feature many other heroes, including those more dubious like Nyssa al Ghul joining the fray to take down Slade and his army. As for where the finale leaves off? Amell says you simply can’t guess it.

”If every Arrow fan sat down and tried to figure out where the finale would leave us, meaning city, place and time, nobody would get it.

Meanwhile, executive producer Marc Guggenheim spoke with, saying that he was “really, really anxious” when they started work on Season two nearly one year ago. While he’s thrilled with the response, he’s already thinking about Season 3. “Ok, well, how do we top ourselves?” the producer asks rhetorically.

The big showdown was planned from the beginning of the season, Guggenheim, says, with the endgame always planned to be “Oliver’s army against Slade’s army,” and he’s proud of the writer’s room for making it work.

As far as the very end, Guggenheim says the season finale won’t have a major series of cliffhangers, but will lead in nicely to season 3. “The structure of the season finale, by design, is very different from the structure of the first season finale.”

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