Marvel Says AVENGERS #29 Emits 'Shockwaves of a Seismic Nature'

Marvel previews for May 14, 2014
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

The Avengers entered a new era with the advent of Marvel NOW!, but it was built on a lie and a brainwashing of Captain America by some of the team’s core members. And in this Wednesday’s Avengers #29, Cap learns the truth.

Avengers #29 is the point in Original Sin where all of the stuff that’s been building since Jonathan Hickman began his Avengers and New Avengers runs snaps into high gear and the gas pedal really gets put down to the fullest,” Brevoort tells Newsarama. “Since the very beginning with that moment where Cap had his memories of the Illuminati and what’s been going on with the incursions erased in New Avengers #3, it was only a matter of time before it would come back and be a problem. And in Avengers #29 it has, and it’s going to send shockwaves of a seismic nature across both titles and accelerate the pace of events in a dramatic way. Things will start to fly from this point on.”

Credit: Marvel Comics

The track record for when the Illuminati turn on one of their fellow heroes is a bit die; last time it resulted in in Incredible Hulk’s “Planet Hulk” saga, which ended inthe eventful World War Hulk siege against Earth by Hulk and his new-found friends. Now just imagine what Cap would do in that situation.

“Not to oversell this at all,” Brevoort says,” but for months now I’ve been saying in various interviews about Avengers and New Avengers, and even going back to Infinity because of the bigger stage and spotlight, that the stuff coming up in these two titles is about as big as it is possible to be – and I don’t say that lightly.”

The longtime Marvel editor calls the events of Avengers #29 an “escalation point” from which things will get “bigger, crazier, and wilder”. Brevoort says that ultimately the events that this revelation stirs will eclipse the scale of the entire 2013 Infinity event.

“Literally, if you pushed me to the wall I might be able to rack my brain and come up with something bigger and grander than where we’re going,” the editor admits, “ but it would take a while.”

Credit: Marvel Comics

So it’s been seventeen months between Cap’s mindwiping inNew Avengers #3 and his recollection of the event in this week’s Avengers #29, but Brevoort said it’s been the works for longer – and wasn’t necessarily going to pay off in Original Sin at first.

“We didn’t necessarily know it was going to drop during Original Sin however. We were talking about Original Sin during summits, but it hadn’t been timed out yet,” Brevoort reveals. “But the timing of it all worked out pretty fortuitously; even if Original Sin wasn't happening, we would have gotten to this material in a different way. But doing it through Original Sin propels us in a bigger way than if we had walked this road alone.”

Credit: Marvel Comics

The Illuminati who did the deed – Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Black Bolt, Mr. Fantastic and Namor – all seem to be in line for some comeuppance. Although Doctor Strange is the one who did the actual mindwiping, Brevoort says Cap will hold another member more ultimately to blame.

“I don’t know that Cap is particularly going to blame Doctor Strange more than any of the other guys involved. Just because Reed or Black Bolt for example didn’t commit the act doesn’t make them any less culpable. Doctor Strange had the skill necessary to accomplish what was required, but the decision to do it was the Illuminati’s,” Brevoort said. “Of all the people involved, Cap’s quite obviously going to have the greatest beef with Iron Man; he’s the person among the group he’s the closest with.”

“But none of these guys are going to get off easy,” Brevoort added. “Cap’s going to have ire to go around.”

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