Zack Snyder Teases BATMOBILE Reveal, X-MEN Producer Teases 'Secret' Film in Development

Tease of the Batmobile for the Man of Steel sequel
Credit: Zack Snyder / Warner Bros.

There it is, folks, your first almost-look at the new Batmobile. As rumored, the vehicle is back to a sleeker sports car style than the massive tank known as the Tumbler from the last trilogy of Batman films.

Director Zack Snyder tweeted out the teaser image Monday afternoon, saying, "Could be time to pull the tarp...Tomorrow?"

So while today you just get a silhouette and the back wheels, expect a better look on Tuesday.

Producer Guarantees Fans Will Like SECRET X-MEN Film in Development

On the red (really, black) carpet of Saturday evening’s New York City global premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past, longtime X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner hinted at a secret, future X-Men movie 20th Century Fox is developing.

Asked by the Hollywood Reporter if there were other X-Men stories she's itching to tell, Shuler-Donner reportedly replied "yeah," but did not reveal any further details other than to hint one secret film was in the works.

"There's one I'm really itching to tell you about but I can't," she told THR. "You're gonna like it though. I guarantee you. It's really different, but you're going to like it."

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