ARROW Producer Named New X-MEN Writer

X-Men #18
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Sometimes comic book writer and current Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim will take over the writing duties on Marvel's X-Men beginning with August's issue #18, the publisher announced Friday.

Guggenheim's first four issue story arc takes the all-female mutant team of Rachel Grey, Storm, Jubilee, Psylocke and Monet into space. Coincidence August is the month Guardians of the Galaxy opens? You be the judge.

"High above the Earth in the floating space station known as The Peak, extraterrestrial threats are monitored by S.W.O.R.D. – the planet’s alien counterterrorism and intelligence agency," reads Marvel's description of the story arc.  "From the cold reaches of space, a familiar face returns. The ferocious Shi’Ar warrior Deathbird has landed on their doorstep, gravely wounded and inches from death. Unable to identify the who or what that caused her life threatening injuries, the X-Men are called in to investigate!"
“The idea really came from the fact I’d been jonesing for an X-Men in space story as a reader," Guggenheim explained. "I’d been re-reading the Brood Saga and it reminded me how much I love that concept of the X-Men in outer space. It’s a milieu that suits them really well.”

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