Reg E. Cathey on 'House of Cards'
Reg E. Cathey on 'House of Cards'
Credit: Netflix

Yes, Sue and Johnny Storm are sister and brother in the upcoming The Fantastic Four, a cinematic reboot of the franchise premiering in June 2015. And now we know their father.

Reg E. Cathey has been cast as the elder Dr. Storm, and is specifically listed as both a doctor and scientist in the notice from THR. The actor has recently appeared on House of Cards and Banshee and starred on The Wire.

No further information about the character was given in the report. In the regular Marvel Universe, Dr. Frankin Storm was an M.D. After a car crash that killed his wife, he fell into an increasingly degenerate lifestyle, eventually imprisoned for murder. In the Ultimate Universe, however, Dr. Franklin Storm was the head of a child prodigy think tank, and a multiple PHD scientist, which it sounds like is more likely the character in this film. At the think tank he had a direct hand in mentoring his daughter Susan, herself an accomplished bioengineer at a young age, and eventually recruiting and mentoring Reed Richards and even the future Dr. Doom.

The Fantastic Four, directed by Josh Trank and starring Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm), Kate Mara (Sue Storm), Miles Teller (Reed Richards), Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm), and Toby Kebbell (Victor von Doom), is currently filming and due for release June 19, 2015.

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