POWER RANGERS Back to the Big Screen, STAR WARS Fandom Surprises Disney, Arrow, DOFP

Credit: Saban

Power Rangers Go Go Back to Big Screen

The Power Rangers are launching a new movie franchise as Haim Saban and Lionsgate are teaming to relaunch the 21 year-old franchise (yes, that's right, kids born when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers launched can now legally drink alcohol in the U.S.). But it sounds like the cheese factor will be reduced - could we be seeing the Super Serious Power Rangers this time around? Saban says they're "re-invisioning" the franchise.

"Lionsgate is the perfect home for elevating our Power Rangers brand to the next level," Saban said in a press release.

STAR WARS Spin-Offs Confirmed... again

Bob Iger, Disney chairman and CEO had his second quarter earnings call, and it was all about... well, Frozen. Let's face it, the film is now a mega-franchise. Iger called it one of Disney's "top five franchises" and its performance is "beyond anything that [they] ever imagined." The movie made $1.2 billion in theaters, is the top-selling digital download and blu-ray of all time, and its secondary products took nine out of ten spots in the Disney Store's top sellers list.

But Disney is still excited about Marvel and Lucasfilm projects, saying "the strategy of making branded movies is working, and we're only starting to see te beginning of it." Iger re-confirmed that they have six Star Wars films on the slate at the moment, with the possibility for more. Those movies will start with Star Wars: Episode VII on December 18, 2015, and include Episode VIII, Episode IX, and "at least" three spin-offs, the previously announced films focused on individual characters in the Star Wars universe, and most likely centered on origin stories for popular characters like Boba Fett and Yoda. But the fandom's enthusiasm for all things Star Wars and any tidbits of news has surprised Disney, who acquired the property, along with company Lucasfilm in October, 2012.

Iger said of the fandom, "We would be the first to admit even we’re surprised over the fervor and level of interest and passion in this property. It’s amazing to us what kind of pent up demand there is."

Laurel Takes Her Turn as Superhero in ARROW Clip

The penultimate episode of Arrow season 2, "Streets of Fire" airs tomorrow night, and Laurel is in the hot seat, taking up the bow and (trick) arrow. Here's the clip from what promises to be an action-packed episode.

Ellen Page Talks Return to KITTY PRYDE, Fear of Tennis Balls

You know, the headline pretty much says it all. Talking to comic book nerd Seth Myers, Ellen Page talked about coming back to the character, how everyone should aspire to the friendship that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan have, and being scared of tennis balls when she's supposed to be fighting Sentinels.

The two also talk about Queen and Country, the Greg Rucka comic being adapted to film, which will see Page as the star.

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