With Vampirella: Southern Gothic's full trade on shelves tomorrow, we thought we'd help your purchase decision by teaming up with Dynamite to give you the entire first issue for free! Take a look through this Mississippi adventure for the vixen, written by longtime editor Nate Cosby (You may remember him from the hit OGN Cow Boy, such sound effects as "KRAKABATHROOOOOOM," or from his recent work shepherding the relaunch of the Gold Key line). It's Vampirella with a rifle and a cowboy hat! What are you waiting for?

Nate Cosby (w)
José LuÍs (a)
Johnny Desjardins (c)
FC • 152 pages • $19.99 • Teen+
Vampirella, the beautiful and bloodthirsty heroine, travels to Mississippi to help an old flame solve the mystery of his murdered fiancee... a woman who appears to have died thirty-seven times before. Burdened by a mystical wound that will not heal, can Vampi hack through racist demons, evade corrupt lawmen, and solve this strange Southern mystery... or will the man she once loved sacrifice his soul to get the answers instead?
collection features
• Issues one to five
• Script to issue one by Nate Cosby
• Complete cover gallery featuring the art of Johnny Desjardins and photo covers
“An enjoyable new look and a different setting!”
– Blood Disgusting
“Luis keeps the visuals interesting!”
– Newsarama
“Offers a worthwhile read on its own merits.”
– Unleash the Fanboy

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