May the Fourth Be With Your Wallet with STAR WARS Sales

Dark Horse September 2013 solicitations
Credit: Dark Horse Comics

Do you love Star Wars? Do you like buying stuff but don’t like spending a lot of money? Well, there are some weekend sales to celebrate May fourth, because nerds like puns that’s why!

Over on Dark Horse Digital, there are two “May the 4th Megabundles” each hosting deep discounts for some of the best Star Wars Expanded Univer- er, uh, “Star Wars Legends” stories of the last twenty years. The main bundle has 151 comics for just $100. This includes the full Crimson Empire trilogy, comics featuring fan favorites like Boba Fett and Darth Maul, and recent female-led books Star Wars (starring Leia between episodes 4 and 5) and Star Wars: Legacy starring the ancestor of Leia and Han Solo.

A second bundle features 18 Star Wars Adventures comics aimed at ages 8 and up, for $30. If you really don’t like spending money, there are also four free Star Wars comics.

Meanwhile, if apparel is more your thing, Her Universe is offering three May the Fourth themed specials. The popular geek apparel for women brand has deep discounts on several of their items, some of which are now “last chance sales,” meaning those are going away. There are two brand-new Star Wars shirts, and there is a “Mystery Tee” deal where $10 gets you a Star Wars shirt of their choice.

Finally, ThinkGeek is running 20% off everything Star Wars - and they have a lot (194 items, including some Her Universe items!). If you use “Pindroid” when you check out, you also get a free R2-D2 pin for any $20 Star Wars purchase.

Star Wars isn’t your thing, you philistine? Well Dynamite and comiXology have you covered with a sale on eight collections of Horror comics, running between 3 and 7 bucks, plus many single issues down to 99 cents. Army of Darkness, Dean Koontz, Dark Shadows and more are available right here at the discount.

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